Cat poop poses major potential public health problem


Cats are very cute pets everyone know that ,Did you ever think your this sweet little kitty will become a threat for your health.Yea it’s right but now a new study shows that cat poop poses ‘major potential public health problem’.This really hard to believe, but it’s real.A researcher Dr. E. Fuller Torrey from Johns Hopkins University and his co-investigator Dr. Robert H. Yolken say cat poop poses a “major potential public health problem,” calling for better control of the feral cat population and more research on harmful parasites found in feline feces. This is because of a parasite named Toxoplasma gondii .Cat poop can contain Toxoplasma gondii,this parasite known to pose a health risk to pregnant women and individuals with compromised immune systems, and possibly linked to brain infections and loss of cognitive function. feral cats are main threat.The scientists say proper disposal of cat litter, keeping cats indoors, reducing the feral cat population, and protecting children’s play areas could help reduce the owners should take precautions when it comes to kids’ sandboxes and backyard gardens.Researchers said. Individuals with compromised immune systems, and possibly linked to brain infections and loss of cognitive function. They cite the growing cat population perhaps more than 140 million in the U.S., including as many as 60 million feral cats, they told CNN in a recent interview—as a cause for concern. Health officials have for years warned pregnant women and people having weak immune system to avoid cleaning the litter box because of the dangerous infections the cat parasites can cause Another study from last year found that women with  T gondii infection could be at a higher risk of suicide * (poop) Feces,  also known as excrement, is waste product from an animal’s digestive tract expelled through the anus.

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