Film Field ;Is it an arena of Dynasty?


All of us have a kind of passion towards Malayalam filims.But do you think to where this industry is going ?Now it is in the hands of some fathers and their sons.They have became the deciding factors in this field.Mamooty,Dulkhar salman,Mohalal,Pranav,Fasil,Fahad Fazil,Lal, Jean Paul Lal,Sreenivasan,Vineeth Sreenivasan……… This series continues.Have You thought about how many talented artists and actors are waiting outside because of the lack of opportunities.Why do they have to hide behind veils?They are truely scared of these so called bigshots in industry:still we donot forget the fact that many versatile artists were able to come up in filim world . But the number of talents waiting outside is much more than those have got chances. The new generation trend also follows the same pattern.It is a high time for us to declare categorically that we donot support or promote dynasties in filim field.We the audience must decide who to be the stars and who to be the super stars ?It has became our responsibility to bring back the golden era of malayalam industry.Filim should be made for the common man,not for the sake of a group who try to limit our glorious malayalam industry to the confinement of stars and their heirs.Dear malayalam audience,donot leave your right to judge and promote good filims to anybody else.Please don’t get biased in the name of any fans association or so called irrational groups.Arise ,awake and view filims in the right way to save and protect the malayalam movie world from the clutch of dynasty.

film field super stars and their sons


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