Rhino Shield-The impact Ressistant Screen Protector for your smart phones

The impact Resistant Screen Protector for your smart phones,Tablet etc

Rhino shield is a highly powerful new screen protector created by evolutive labs.It provides extraordinary impact protection and anti shock properties.This New Rhino shield screen protector is now available for iPhone, Google nexus, Samsung, HTC, Sony and Blackberry.New Rhino shield is powerful scratch resistant,. and transparent but it only 0.029 cm thick.New Rhino shield is free from fingerprint smudges whilst being smooth to touch


Impact Protection
Anti Shock
High Transparency
Anti FingerPrint
Oleophobic Technology

important point is that the Rhino Shield screen protector only available in America soon it will available i all over the world

Price of available Rhino screen

Mini Tablet-(iPad mini with Retina display / iPad mini )-$34.99 approx

Phone –iPhone 5/5C/5S -$24.99 approx
Big tablet2- iPad-$39.99 approx

Rhino Shield impact resistant Screen protector

Rhinoshiled Play proof 
Another Awesome product from evolution lab is that Rhinoshiled Play proof WITH SHOCKSPREAD™ TECHNOLOGY

The Play proof is very  thin strong and beautifully designed Know More Details :  http://www.evolutivelabs.com

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