15 Most Famous Shooting Locations used in Malayalam Films


Malayalam Film Industry Popularly known as Mollywood,Mostly they make realistic movies based on the different types of human relationships and affections .Most of the Malayalam movie directors are very much capable of making movies which is very close to common people.so most of their locations for movies are very real and so usual.Another important things is related to the industry is that Mollywood is blessed with a number of highly talented actors and actresses ,their acting skills are so brilliant and amazing to make movies which tells the deep human relationships and social issues ,Environmental problems etc.

Compared to other Indian Movie Industry Malayalam film industry is  very small,They make brilliant movies with a very small budget compared to other Indian film industry.Their beautiful  locations help them to lowers the budget But now a days Malayalam industry is also planning and doing Big Budget movies also by adding high quality graphics works to their movies.Any way we provide some of the most popular shooting locations of Malayalam films ,which deliver magnificent visuals and suitable atmosphere to a lot of amazing Malayalam movies,many of them features in national and international film festivals conducted in india and abraod.

Here is the List of fifteen (15) most Famous shooting Locations used in many of the most successful Malayalam movies.

Varikkasseri Mana,Hil Palace,Olappamanna Mana,Bolgatty Palace etc.Open the Gallery to see the Famous Shooting locations of Malayalam Movies With Beautiful Photos and Details