15 Most Highly Talented and Boldest Malayalam Actresses.


Here is the List 15 Most highly talented malayalam actresses who are mesmerized the audiences with their Amazing performances and also they are getting equally important roles as that of the male actors.Most of the movie industries are dominated by male,So naturally such movies gives more important to Male actors,and always we get movies which solely highlight the Heros .In Most of the movies there is nothing a heroine can do in the case of performance as an artist,but they got enough chances as a dancer only,if it is glamourous the opportunity will be high.They are just a showbiz or a decorative factor or only a Glamour factor for gaining audiences by showing their body.Most of the indian movie Industries like Tamil,Telugu Kannada,Hindi are using female actresses as just an attractive factor only.They don’t get enough chances to show their talent as an artist.

Basically Just like all other industry Malayalam industry is also a Male dominant one,of course that is natural ,this is a Male Dominant society.But in Mollywood Female actresses got better chances to show their talent compared to all other film industries in India.In this list you can see some of the amazing talented women they have gifted talents and are very keen and dedicated to their profession.They have made their own space in the industry and in the mind of millions of people with their special acting skills,and attitude.

While seeing their performances we can understand that, in addition to all the elements and ingredients added by the director and script writer, they also add something to it for getting the attraction towards the  character which they are playing.Naturally they get noticed..See the gallery you will more clearly understand what i am talking.In the gallery there are fifteen Highly talented Malayalam actresses arranged in the order top one first and so on

Think about the actresses in the movies like Manichithrathazu and Mitr, My Friend the movie directed by actress Revathi,and movies like Mazhavil KavadiVarthamanakalam,Achuvinte Amma,Thalayanamanthram,kannezuthi pottum thottu, Ezhuthappurangal ,Theerthadanam,Kattathe Kilikkoodu,Devasuram,Kilukkam etc