‘5 days and 2790 screws’ Production of the new ultra-modern Volvo FH truck


Production of the new ultra-modern Volvo FH truck

An ultra-modern truck requires ultra-modern production tools. One important investment here is in the new presses, which are used in the production of all the cab parts.Another major investment was the purchase of 56 new robots, all of which help improvement production efficiency. Automation also guarantees that each and every truck offers the same high level of quality. One example of this is that all the glass in the truck is now bonded into place. There are two benefits to this: the cab is safer since the windows form part of the cab’s structure, and the production process is more efficient and quality-assured than before.

Pilot plants for product development

Another important role for the plants was to participate in the development of the new truck. In order to do this without disrupting ongoing production, pilot plants were established in Volvo’s two Swedish factories in Tuve and Umeå

Production of the new Volvo FH   (Watch the Video)

The assembly process is carried out with the help of more than 300 robots.Development of the new Volvo FH took place in parallel with several production improvements, among them building of the chassis upside-down, which promotes a more ergonomic working position. The windows are bonded into place to increase cab strength. What is more, all electrical wiring is routed on the right side of the chassis up to the cab, while air and water lines are located on the left side – all so as to make assembly easier.

The assembly process is carried out with the help of more than 300 robots

The assembly process is carried out with the help of more than 300 robots

The new Volvo Fh Ultra modern truck

 The technically advanced instrument panel in the new Volvo FH is assembled on an individual line

The new Volvo Fh Ultra modern truck

The glass panels are bonded to the cab-Improves the safety as the glass panel contribute to the cab’s overall strength

New Volvo FH -Ultra modern truck building

The paintshop is one of the most environmentally optimised in the world-Each Cab requires 4 liters of paint

New Volvo FH -Ultra modern truck building

 The chassis is turned the right way up before being sent for axle docking and final assembly.

The sheet steel is shaped in 340 presses, and each part is pressed in five steps to ensure precise geometry.

In total the cab will pass through 350 different pairs of hands before everything is in place

Some Amazing factors behind the production of the All new ultra-modern Volvo FH truck

How to build such an Ultra modern truck Built

It takes about five days to transform a roll of steel into an ultra-modern truck

The cab passes through about 350 pairs of hands before it is fully assembled

3.8 litres of paint are needed to paint a Volvo FH topcoat

The press tools weigh between 25 and 30 tonnes each

2790 screws are used in the building of an ultra-modern truck

The new Volvo FH weighs between 7500 and 12,500 kg (depending on specification)

Customers can choose from more than 850 different colors

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