8 Reasons Behind incredible success of Premam : Balachandra Menon


balachandra menon comment about premam movieRecently The Multi talented Indian Actor(Malayalam),Director,script writer,editor,singer,producer Sri Balachandra menon commented about the incredible success of Alphonse puthren’s Premam  movie.He published a post in his official Facebook page.Many important personals in Malayalam film industry commented about Premam movie. Actor Nivin Pauly essays the lead role named George in the movie.

       8 Reasons Behind incredible success of Premam : Balachandra Menons   The movie Premam got an amazing response from the Kerala audience especially from youngsters. In additions to the grand success of the movie,there are controversies too.Mainly because of the Censor Copy leaked issue.this is the first time a movie’s Censor copy leaked.leaked. But still it is not known that who is really behind this act.

Premam released in May 29 ,2015,initially movie get overwhelming responses from every where  .House full boards are hanging in every theater ,With these overwhelming responses there are predictions that premam will break all the box office records of Malayalam film industry,and became the most successful movie in Malayalam.But suddenly things went wrong .Premam’s Censor copy leaked and it began to spreading like a wildfire through many online website’s and local DVD vendors.Premam movie’s producer Anwar rasheed filed a compliant with anti piracy cell,the investigations are going on but still there is not any progress.Producer Anwar Rasheed submitted his resignation to Malayalam film industry organizations because he wont get enough support for combating this piracy .Actor Nivin Pauly is also expressed his disappointment.