Anjooran Godfather movie character how the character anjooran got his name


The Godfather is one of the most successful and longest running films of all time in the history of Malayalam cinema. The movie was screened in 404 days. legendary drama artist NN Pillai played the lead roles in this movie.He is the father of Malayalam actor Vijayaraghavan. The film and the character were a major milestone in the history of Malayalam cinema.

There is a story behind the name of the lead character named ‘Anjooran’. Siddique has said that the name of ‘Anjooran’ comes in to the character is very accidental. Siddiqui has a habit of writing script that he always kept a Malayalam Dictionary in his near.but in the absence of a murmur, the word is to be seen by the word ‘Anjoottikkar’. Thomas, the disciple of Christ, came to Kerala for the first time and he converted five hundred families and called them Anjoottikkar.