Apple introduces iOS 8 – One of the Most advanced Mobile operating system in the world


Whats new and Amazing in new Apple iOS 8

1.Advanced Notifications system

In new iOS 8 the notification centre much improved ,For example if you are hearing music or doing some other works using any apps then you might  get a text message notifications that pops up as drop-down then you can swipe down that notification pop up and can give a quick reply using keyboard directly from ios8 notification center without leaving the particular app that you are currently using.

2.QuickType keyboard

iOS 8 comes with the smartest keyboard ever it can predict what you will likely to write next by simply with few taps,because you will see choices of words or phrases that you had probably type next.iOS 8 keeps the casual style of message writings and also the formal languages you using in your Email for official purposes,and also there is no chance for any type of privacy issues your conversation data is kept only on your mobile.This predictive text features available in 14 countries you will see suggested words and phrases that are commonly used in your region


Apple’s photo stream so far allowed to store only about 1,000 photos at a time ,But now they allow to store them to the iCloud that means every photo and video you take now lives in iCloud,once you enabled it on your iOS 8 device the Advanced iCloud photo Library keeps all your photos and videos in iCloud automatically at a full resolution in their real format,including raw files, and user can access them from any apple ios8 device like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or the web ,and iTune also hold al your music and movies.iClod photo Library will help you to make the most out of the space available on your iOS device,It will  automatically keep original High resolution photos to the iCloud Photo Library and it will leave the light weight versions of the Photos videos in your device that perfectly suitable for your iOS 8 devices.You will get 5Gb of iCloud storage space for free and extra storage space lans will start at $0.99 per month

You can also perform some of the important photo editing feature like Crop, straighten, enhance, or add filters to the photos in your iOS 8 Device ,and your changes suddenly uploaded to the iCloud , and it will visible on your other iOS device too,These changes are nondestructive so you can revert back to its original form according to your mind setup


New iOS 8 will be enriched with amazing messaging feature never before.ios 8 can capture any sound like your Voice ,songs,some funny conversations while you are messaging.For  this simply touch and hold the new microphone button ,then swipe it for sending.This new Message app lets you to send what you are seeing at the time of sending messages..It will also allow group discussions you can select the desired persons into your discussion list and also can leave the conversation henever you want or you can turn o Not Disturb feature etc.Another feature of iOS 8 mesaging app is that You can also share your exact location in the middile of your conversation.for example if your friend/someone asked to you where you from where you are you can smartly send a map showing the exact location. Is it really cool?,and also you can easily bowse all the photo and video attachments on a particular thread,this feature will avoid  lengthy scrolling through earlier messages


6.Family Sharing.

7.iCloud Drive.

8.New Health app

9.continues connectivity


11.More flexible for Developers

Apple introduces iOS8

iOS 8 will be compatible with 

    • iPhone 4s
      iPhone 5
      iPhone 5c
      iPhone 5s
      iPod touch 5th generationiPad 2
    • iPad with
      Retina display
      iPad Air
      iPad mini
      iPad mini with
      Retina display