Baahubali 3 – Bahubali is again coming to 3 parts | Baahubali next part for Netflix | Shivagami


Baahubali 3 – Bahubali is again coming to 3 parts | Baahubali next part for Netflix | Shivakami | its a prequel \  a prequel to baahubali based odn Rajamatha Shivagami devi story

Baahubali is again made into three parts by director Rajamouli. (Baahubali -3)

The films released by the director SS Rajamouli are ‘Baahubali the begining’ and ‘Baahubali 2 the conclusion’. Actress Ramayakrishnan has acted in both the parts as Rajamatha Sivakami devi. It is well known that this Sivakami’s character has attracted the entire audience. Director Rajamouli, who has seen the role of the character, is planning to direct a film about Sivakami’s character. 

Sivakamai’s childhood adventure, marriage, and the child he participates in is a film about her life. But this film is not released in the theater and it is said that Rajmauli is directing these films for the Netflix company

Ramayakrishnan as Sivakami in this film. The other actor, the actress’s choice is taking place. Rajamouli and Devakata will be directing this film. Unfortunately the real baahubali Prabhas and Devasena Anushka have no role in these parts.

Anand Neelandan’s book ‘The Rise of Sivakami’ aka Sivagami Centered in the charecter of Sivakami devi released last year . The book is adapted and the Rajamouli is going to direct it as  three parts on Netflix.This episode, which is released on the Netflix site, costs an estimated $ 20 million to produce an episode or part. Sanjay Dutt and Manisha Koirala are playing the lead in the shooting of the film in Lucknow. Ten years later, the pair are acting together