Bahubali 2 The conclusion Movie Review


Bahubali 2:The Conclusion English Review

Its  show time India’s Biggest movie Bahubali Released today all around globe ,and the widest ever release for an Indian film.It’s about 9000 theaters globally.The epic fantasy drama movie is the sequel of the movie’ Bahubali the Beginning’. After the release of the first part fans are eagerly waiting for almost one and half year for the second part.The first part of the movie ends in a biggest surprise that the killing of the lead character Bahubali. Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali,Its a billion dollar question of the past one year now its time to know the actual reason.

Bahubali 2 the conclusion; is hit in the theater world wide with so much expectations. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the visual magic.One thing is sure you will never get disappoint.Its Really a visual treat which brilliantly blends all kind of emotions,like Romance , actions,Hatred ,Anger and Revenge and became a must watch movie for all kind of people.

The first part was ends in a very crucial situation that why kattappa killed bahubali .Bahubali 2 is start with Kattappa’s confession .He is describing that why  he killed bahubali .Most of the scenes in the second part describe that story, why kattappa killed his lovable and noble king . How he became so cruel. If you see the first part most of us know that Bahubali and kattappa both of them keep very good and lovable relationship . Bahubali gave so much respect and value to his servant Kattappa.Then why he betrayed his master.That is the main question.

This second part also describe the love story between Devasena (Anushka)and Bahubali (Prabhas).Which brings so much trouble in Bahubali’s life.Anushka’s performance was awesome and also performance of Shivakami devi (Remya Krishnan),Pallal Devan(Rana Dugubatti ),Kattappa (Sathyaraj)and of course the lead actor Prabhas as Bahubali were awesome.Yet another appreciable part is the art Direction.Veteran Sabu Syril handle the Art direction.He made wonderful set of Bahubali 2 .To be Frank it was awesome and mind blowing.

The Lead actress in the first part Tamannaah Bhatiya don’t have so much scenes in the second part.She is appeared in couple of scenes.Compared to the first part Bahubali 2 has so many scenes which uses visual effects and 3D modeling including character modeling and Motion graphics. And also there are Two big war scenes in the movie which is filled with so much technological wonders and Graphics; which will surely make the audience so exciting and engaging.

The villain character of Rana Duggubatti plays a key role in the movie.His powerful appearance and amazing performance gave so much momentum to the movie.If the Villain character is so powerful then the lead character also get its advantages. Rana did his job quite superbly .KK Senthil kumar did the cinematography .His brilliant camera works support so wisely to capture important and romantic action sequences when it blend with animated graphic characters and other unnatural objects.

We can’t compare Bahubali 2 with Big budget Hollywood movies which spend thousands of crore rupees for the movie .But still our graphic team can compete them that’s a really an appreciable thing.

Of course Bahubali is a super hit movie which will surely breaks all the box office records but there are some weak points not so big still important that its a little superstitious .Yah it’s acceptable that Bahubali is Powerful but he is not a super man the movie tells that he is a human being with strong arm but in some scenes he became so powerful and do things which will never a human being can do.But still its a fantasy movie we can accept it.But them making of each and every scene is so amazing and perfect that’s why we can hope it may not undergo so much criticism .