How to block low CPC ads in adsense ?


Google adsense one of the best way to earn money form online,most of the bloggers chose adsense as the primary option for earning money online.For getting good revenue from google adsense high CPC rate (Cost per click) is very important.But it’s not an easy thing to get high CPC .There are a number of factors affecting adsense CPC . Low CPC ads are one of the major factor for getting low cpc.

Usually ads appear on our website is related to our website content but its not a must to get only such kind of ads.There are possibilities for getting ads not related to your Niche or content. But if we get ads that related to our content  base then their is a chance to get maximum cpc rates for such kind of ads,and also there are some ad networks which pays low cpc rates.but we cant remove such types of ads from google but we can block that from showing on our website using your adsense control panel.

For blocking Low CPC ads follow below simple steps.

1.Login to your adsense account.

2. There you can see ” Allow & block ads ” on that

how to block low cpc ads in google adsense

3.From the Allow & block ads tab click the content tab in the sidebar

When you click on the content tab ,it shows all the domain or subdomain that associated with your adsense account.if you have several domains associated with a single adsense account then carefully select the desired domain names,and also if you have only one single domain with the adsense account it automatically shows.

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how to block low cpc ads in google adsense

In the right sidebar you can see six sub tabs and select advertiser URL’s Tab .Generallay it is selected by default.In some cases it may change.There you can see a section where we can add the advertiser urls you want to block

4. Download the list of around 400 advertiser urls and copy the entire list and paste it into the “Advertiser URL’s” section the click on the Block URL’s Button that’s all.Ads from the blocked URL’s should stop showing on your webpage with in next 24 hours

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Important Note: Never try to click on ads for knowing the url of any particular advertiser.It is against adsense policies

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