Brittain may allow Creating Babies with DNA from 3 people


{ Babies with DNA from 3 people : According to latest news United kingdom may sett to the first country to introduce a law for the creation of babies from three people that is with the DNA from two women and one man.It will be a historic movement.382 UK MP’s voted in favor of the creation of 3 person babies but 128 Mp’s voted against the introduction of new law which allows the creation of 3 people babies.This new techniques will helps to avoid birth of new babies with genetic disorder like mitochondrial disorder.But Critics are also strong ,they strongly raises too many ethical and safety concerns.But it is not finalized further vote is required in the second chamber of British Parliament “House of Lords”The place where making and shaping the laws.Critics calls such babies as ” Designer Babies ” (Last Update : feb-28 -2015) }

According to Britain’s fertility regulator : vitro fertilization techniques gets broad public supports.vitro fertilization techniques:a controversial technique That to create babies using DNA from three different peoples.According to the Britain’s top medical officer this will help couples to avoid passing on rare genetic disorders

About One in 6,500 babies in the U.K. is born with a mitochondrial disorder.This new techniques help to avoid this particular disorder.women with faulty mitochondria, the energy source in a cell, from passing on to their babies defects that can result in such diseases as muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, heart problems etc.

But critics oppose these type of artificial reproduction and they are also pointed out that this is a breach of ethics.According to them there were already safe methods like egg donation to allow people to have children without mitochondria defects.

For the mitochondrial transfer, scientists take the healthy genetic material from the eggs of a woman with faulty mitochondria, and transfer it into a donor egg that has healthy mitochondria but that has had all the rest of its key DNA removed

The technique was developed by researchers at Newcastle University and has been shown to work in animals.But till now its not tested in human.this research need more time and the permission from the Government  .but for that there would need a change in the present law because British law currently forbids altering a human egg or an embryo before transferring it into a uterus.