Chat with FireChat Even If You Don’t Have Internet connection

Firechat chat without internet

It is one of the first iOS 7 application to use Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework. With that, this application can use a mesh network of local iPhones to build a local chat network, even if there is no network connection around. And now this amazing app is also available for Android users, in android it is using WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.

But the most valuable question is how the team makes a bridge between their android mesh network and apple’s multi-peer mesh technology.But they do not show the interest to answer that question,and hey said only some points that Firechat for android uses peer-to-peer Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth personal area network.According to Opengarden’s sources they will soon build an SDK and that will bring Firechat and Open Garden technology for third-party applications.

The range of the Android network where we will get the service of Firechat is about 30 feet, but Open Garden’s multi-hop network, it could cover a far wider range if a lot of people are using the app. It means that the Android version isn’t interoperable with the iPhone version when you are using it off the grid, simply because the mesh networks aren’t compatible

chat without internet
With this OpenGarden Firechat application you can,

You can send messages instantly to anyone near to you on (ios users can send messages to other ios user only you can use the device like iPhone,iPad,ipod etc)nad android users can also use the same.

It gives the freedom of chatting or sharing photos with a single person or a group.

you can create your own conversation group or can join others conversation they are near to you.FireChat application works even without any active 3g,4g or Wi-Fi connections.

You can activate “Eeveryone mode to see what people talking  or you can use “Nearby” mode to connect people near to you

Its very easy and simple there is no need for email or facebook login no need for remembering passwords.

Firechat has no country limitation no network boundaries,you can use it anywhere in the world if you are  in a travel or in a place where don’t have active network signal etc.and one of the amazing feature is that it will not cause significant impact on your battery consumption

Download Fire Chat  free app for your Smartphone or tablet. This app is available for both Android and ios platforms

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