Child care – The Top Ten Commandments of child care

child care

Becoming a lovable caring parent is not an easy task.Its absolutely a big responsibility, But what we do? . We have to prepare our mind before taking the role of a parent, because becoming a parent is not a silly thing its a big responsibility towards the society, towards the country, and also towards the world. So today we tried to help you for becoming a good parent

The Top Ten Commandments of child care


1. Give continuous,consistent ,Loving care.It is as essential for the mind’s health as food for the  body.

2.  Give generously from your time in understanding ,playing with and teaching your child, matters more than a   tidy,smooth running home.

3. Provide new experiences and bath your child in the language from both onwards-they enrich his/her  growing        mind.

4. Encourage him to play every day,both by himself and with other children – Exploring ,imitating,consternating,pretending,and creating.



child care,how to care your child effectively


5.  Give more praise for effort than for achievement.

6.  Give him ever increasing responsibility-like all skills he needs to develop.

7.  Remember that every child is unique-so suitable handling  for one may not be right for another.

8.  Make sure that the way you express disapproval fits your child’s temperament,age and understanding.

9.  Never threaten that you will stop loving him or give him may reject  his behaviour ,but never suggest         that you might  reject him.

10. Don’t expect gratitude.your child did not ask to be born.The choice was yours.