Childhood obesity linked to emotional issues

obesity in children

All of us know that Obesity is a key factor of many health and mental problems in adults.But what happened when it comes with children it become moe serious than in adults Physically and Mentally .In a latest study conducted by a team of researchers from Monash University found that Schoolchildren suffering from obesity are at higher risk of developing psychological problems than their slimmer counterparts.The team collaborative study over 2000 School children aged 6-13 years examined whether emotional disturbances (ED) such as inappropriate behaviour, relationship problems, depression, or an inability to learn, was associated with obesity.The result was shocking.

the negative consequences of childhood obesity on physical health are well-recognised as are, increasingly, its associations with psychosocial and mental health problems.said the co-auther Professor Mark Wahlqvist from Monash University’s Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine and the Monash Asia Institute.childhood obesity is assocoated with psychological problems but the association with emotional disturbance (ED) is unknown especially by gender.According to Professor Mark Wahlqvist knowledge of how emotional disturbance and obesity mght be linked is currently limited.child obesity in asia is rising,and where societal and parental focus is often intense in regard to schooling; frequently with gender favouritism.

The research found boys (16.5 per cent) were significantly more likely to be obese than girls (11.7 per cent), however, while ED becomes more prevalent as children move up through the grades, obesity prevalence remains fairly constant.The research found the occurrence of relationship problems was higher among obese (23.5 per cent) than among normal weight (14.4 per cent) and overweight (14.8 per cent) children. Boys having child hood obesity struggled with relationship problems and in girls it was inappropriate behaviour

Researchers noted that obesity doesn’t automatically mean young children will suffer from ED. Where obesity exists at the same time as psychological problems, prevalence of these problems increased as students progressed through the school grades.The early identifiacation of such cases in children may help to prevent progression to more serious physical and mental health problems in later life.So be more carefull about your childrens food ,avoiding fastfoods and softdrinks(Sugery drinks) may help to reduce childhood obesity