Most common reasons for your adsense accounts get disabled ,and the possible solutions


Google Adsense accounts are really precious for bloggers,because their is  big stories behind every adsense account ,the story of hard work and patients. In countries like India ,Pakistan ,China the basic approval needs a long time frame of 6 months. Peoples from such countries will get an approved adsense accounts only after 6 months in normal cases.So adsense accounts are really precious for those peoples.

Keeping these valuable account stable is the second problem,because Google has so many strict policies for maintaining the authenticity of  adsense program.They will not tolerate the violation of their strict policies. Understanding such policies are  very important.Because this is an advertisement based business. They want to be legitimate to their customers. Google has the responsibility to protect their Adword advertisers from inflated costs due to invalid activity of their publishers.People always try to find tricky ways to earn money through adsense. These greedy attitude guides them to the disabling or closure or banning of their adsense account.

The Most Common Reasons for your adsense account get disabled

1.Clicking on the ads that seen on your site.

Most of the publishers do this mistake,someone accidentally click on the ads and some other do  this with greedy intentions. For this people find so many ways . Someone may tried to click on the ad using other computer or computers of their friends, neighbors  for getting more money quickly.

[quote_box_center]There is a funny thing in my own experience ,I have a friend who is a good blogger. He was so excited, when he got adsense approval ,and he began to dreaming of becoming rich quickly using adsense. So he tried hard to get good revenue. He wrote interesting articles,promote it well. He think everything will happen so fast ,and he will became rich very soon. But nothing is happened like that. His article is good and rich with quality content,but he needs everything in a fraction of second ,how it possible.His way of thinking is changed. He began to think for doing something fishy. He found a new way by clicking on the ads. For that he uses others computer having active internet connection and he also use internet cafe’s computer,for clicking on the ads. He began to travel some other places for clicking on the ads.Finally ,What happened  ? Of course as expected his account got banned,that’s all .Google refunded all his earnings to the affected publishers.What is his problem. He know how to write good quality content,He know the subject very well,but the only thing that he missed was patients. Patients is the key point in adsense success.[/quote_box_center]

Dear Friends I want to say one thing that, google is really, really a big and technologically very advanced company. so don’t try to make them fools,using their on products and services.Google take such steps to maintain the effectiveness of google’s advertising system (Google Adwords)

2.Payed Traffic (Automated traffic)

Google always encourage us to promote our site in many manner but in natural and real.some of the best ways are promoting through social media websites,and we can use google’s  adwords,Facebook promotions etc .These are some authentic sources.But it is noticed that people uses some tricks and services for increasing their traffic .Pay per click solutions ,search engines and directory sites are some of the services that can increase the traffic of your site.But always remember that some services  using artificial way to generate traffic to your site’s.They try to send artificial traffic to your site using automated programs or they pay small amounts to users for visiting or clicking on the ads.Such clicks really affect google’s Adword customers.

for example,if you have a site that sell paintings ,you advertise your site with Google. For this you use google adword program . in Adword you can set a particular amount for each click on your ad.when someone click on your ad your total budget decreases with respect your settings. Google shows your ad in one of their publishers site, but imagine he uses a special services like pay per click or something else for boosting his traffic so his site’s visitor began to click on your ads but they are not interested in that particular ad,it is their job to click on the ads. What you will get when you advertise on google, Do you ever come to google for advertising again?

So before partnering with such site’s or software programs, clearly understand their way of works,keep in mind that Adsense publishers fully responsible for the traffic to their ads. You can’t claim other for anything happens as usual.Google has the full right to stop their adsense services to your site anytime,It is well written in their terms and conditions

3.People tries to Manipulate ads behavior.

This is very important. Some people think very smartly ,in other way we can tell they are over smart. They tries to change the behavior of ads .we know that google shows ads on a web page based on the content on that particular page.It is known that each ad has separate click through rates that based on the people tried to get high cpc ads on their page by adding keywords that’s not related to the original matter of the page.Such actions are against google adsense policies

4.Asking users to click on ads

Some publishers ask directly or indirectly to users for clicking on the ads who do not intend to click on the ads,that’s against adsense TOS

5.Altering Ad code.

Google clearly states that altering ad code is not permitted but some publishers do such activities for getting fast income,but the result is account closure.

6.Ads on Email

Some people include adsense ad in emails and send it to group of people, pretending to be very important message or something else and ask to resend it to their networks usually it goes viral,but google take immediate action against such activities including account banning or closure etc

7. Using alternative ad services with Adsense

According to my knowledge, publisher using alternative ad services with their adsense advertising program is may have chances of getting their account banned.But we can see some site’s having both adsense ad and other ad services. But my personal recommendation is use any of one at a time.if you have adsense ad use only that on your site.

8.Little or no Original Content

It is seen that many of Adsense account get disabled for such reasons.People write articles with little or no original content that’s against adsense TOS.For getting better ranking positions some publishers consider this as a quick trick. Write few lines about any subject thus creating so many pages consist of so many keywords. But such articles don’t have any substantial value for users.Google will take serious actions against such domains.

There is another kind of people who write articles seriously but don’t have enough content as expected may be because of the lack of knowledge about that particular Niche or thinking that it’s enough matter for the article.But please keep in mind that, an article contains plenty of rich information including relevant keywords based on the matter is the most important steps for better search engine ranking.Based on my knowledge many SEO professionals recommend at least 300 words minimum.But i am recommending you around a 500 words minimum for an seo friendly post.

9.Scraped content

People always try to do things very easily.They are not ready for hard work. Writing a quality articles need lot of they began to steal others work.They began to steal content from other reputed websites based on their false assumptions that  it will help them to boost their traffic and earning.They simply forget about the relevance or uniqueness of that content needed.Please don’t think it will be  good long-term strategy for your site.The chances of banning your adsense account in such condition is 100 percentage.

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10.Using Illegal/copyrighted content on websites.

It is stated that websites having adsense ad don’t include following content

  • Porn, Adult material,
  • content related to violence,
  • sexual harassment,
  • content that may became the reason for religious violence,
  • gambling
  • content related to the selling and buying of deadly weapons,bombs
  • selling of drugs,alcohols etc

or please don’t link your site with such websites.This may lead the banning of your adsense account

11.over usage of ad units on a single page.

There is a maximum number of adsense ad unit on a single page. In normal cases that is 3 (three). But some publishers uses more than 3 ad units on a single page,it may be happen by mistake or misunderstanding.Because we can see some popular website’s using more than 3 ad units on a single page ,but please note that they are very popular and they are premium adsense Publishers.How to become a Premium Adsense Publisher ? that’s the next question in your mind i know that ,But its not so easy there are so many criteria for becoming  premium adsense publisher. It needs millions of page views per month ,and so many other factors needed for that.Once you reach that point you will surely get an invitation from adsense,wait for that.