Component of citrus fruits found to block the formation of kidney cysts


Components from citrus fruits like orange grapefruit and other citrus fruits effectively block a very dangerous inherited kidney disease known as “polycystic kidney disease”.This disease cause the loss of normal kidney functions,high blood pressure and this will leads to dialysis.Another critical factor is very few treatment options are currently available.

A group of scientist from Royal Holloway, St George’s, University of London and Kingston University London used a simple, single-celled amoeba to identify that naringenin regulates the PKD2 protein responsible for polycystic kidney disease and as a result, blocks formation of cysts.“This discovery provides an important step forward in understanding how polycystic kidney disease may be controlled,” said Professor Robin Williams from the School of Biological Sciences at Royal Holloway.

Component of citrus fruits found to block the formation of kidney cysts

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