Cool Android apps that will announce the incoming caller name


Today i will introduce you some cool apps that will announce the name of the incoming caller,but it is must that the name of the incoming caller is already in your phonebook.otherwise the apps will announce unknown number is calling.Thus you will know who is calling without looking into your phone.

These are free android apps and arranged in the order of user’s rating

1.Caller Name Talker -Download Now

    Caller name talker is one of the most rated apps in this free caller announcing app category .It allows you to disable this app temporarily .You can adjust the volume,turn of apps feature while your hone is in silent mode,Alert SMS Sender name while receiving an SMS.It will read Read SMS content.Requires Android 2.2 and up, and now it support latest android version 4.4(Kitkat)

2.Caller Name Announcer – Talker -Download Now

       It also announce the name of the incoming caller and also Speaks SMS Sender Name & Content.Set the pitch and tone of the calling voice

3.Caller name announcer-Download Now

  The third one in the category just like the above it will also announce the name of the incoming caller otherwise it will talk the number ,it also has no sound in silent mode.

4.Caller Name Speaker :Announcer-Download Now

* Use these apps at your own risk.

Mirror and Makeup Mirror, Android apps that turn your smart phone into the best mirror with lot of features-Best Mirror apps

Taking a mirror always with you what you feel is it comfortable to you ? For girls it is important according to their character but it is not easy all the time but what you think about a mirror that have zoom and exposure and other controls ? means an electronic mirror what you think if such a mirror in your phone.ohh awesome right ? YES IT IS

Today am going to introduce some of the best android mirror apps that will turn your phone into an amazing electronic mirror so that you can easily check your look,put makeup on your face easily wear your contact lens,check between your teeth for leftovers etc etc at any time .


 ONE OF THE best mirror apps with zoom and exposure controls and have buttons to freeze the image superb image visibility.This app has an onscreen zoom and exposure controls,it also have hide controls just by tapping the screen.This app Requires Android 2.3 and up

Download Now

Download free mirror apps


This is another one also having the same name but different in nature.It also have the same feature just like the abobe apps.Its new version have Zoom for phones that the front camera doesn’t support zoom (slower than regular preview)

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3.Makeup Mirror

This Also have the same features of the two other apps and On Screen and gesture controls.
You can freeze the image without taking a photo. Light frame allows you to use the mirror even in low light situations.No need to be alternating between the front and the back facing camera.

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