Cooliris best Android application this week – BeamIt new visual messaging application


With Cooliris you can beautifully experience all your photos in one place,no matter where they are stored,and also Cooliris allow you to share those photos in social networks or you can share them via email,messages etc.With this you can access all your photos from Android Gallery, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Google+, Google Drive, Twitter, Tumblr, and many others.Ths Cooliris also has a stunning 3d photo wall. With this amazing application you can Easily save photos to google drive or share photos anywhere else you like You can also explore photos from facebook and you can see all your friends photos too with coolirisis,and can share or save them to your personal gallery. With this you can easily discover new content from Instagram and other sources,also you can see and share Instagram photos And also you can customize and add more new photo sources to Coolirisis  Coolirisis app also features in most popular technology blogs and News websites like MobileBurn,TechCrunch,The Guardian,Forbes

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BeamIt : is a new visual messaging application from coolirisis.  In some point of view BeamIt is just similar like all other messaging app it can create groups ,share messages photos within the groups or individual but there is some other features that ‘s make this app really different . With this BeamIt application you can share full resolution photos,most of the other messaging platform shrinks down the picture but it won’t.and BeamIt has fast data flow as compared to other apps.This new visual messaging application combines the text and photos in a unique way,so now it is more easy to share hundreds of photos easily without interrupting the flow of your conversations using its new and advanced photo drawer. BeamIt Visual messaging app ios ,android free download BeamIt has its on comment and like features thus, your friends can express their views very simply ,and no need for writing long sentences.It has special features to create private groups and ca share your photos and you can easily manage your complex feelings for sharing your private moments how crazy they are.Its special photo interface called photo wall make it possible to see al your group photos in one place without having to scroll through the longlines of text.Its advanced photo drawer features allow us to view ,send lots of photos at once and all are in full resolution while chatting about them in the conversation there is no need for leaving the conversation while watching the photos.Also, you can share all those photos via email and mobile web etc in addition to this you can share those photos to people who aren’t BeamIt users list.

Another amazing feature is it offers offline experiences,at the time when you are offline you can browse photos and messages that already downloaded to your device and can also upload new photos and comment on photos ,app will automatically sync once it’s online. Company launched BeamIt ios version for now and they planning to launch Web and android version near future.

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