Cows can cure HIV ? Shocking research Potential HIV Cure Found in Cows



Yesterday a shocking news is published in the Nature Magazine that “Rapid elicitation of broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV by immunization in cows”.A study conducted from the researchers of Scripps Research Institute, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and Texas A&M University found that They can find a potential antibody which can effectively defend HIV.

For conducting research Scientist injected HIV immunogens to four calves ,but the result is quite surprising that the cows quickly developed bNAbs, or a neutralizing antibody that defends a cell from an antigen or infectious body by neutralizing any effect it has biologically, to HIV in their blood. An immunogen is any antigen capable of inducing humoral and/or cell-mediated immune response instead of immunological response.

The Resaearch author Devin Sok says that “I was Shocked”  “It was really crazy and very exciting. The responses developed very quickly — between one to two months — which is well beyond what we anticipated.”He is the director of antibody discovery and development at IAVI .An antobody in cow which is named that  NC-Cow 1 which is very powerful when it came to attacking HIV