Custom sized adsense ads for your websites, merits and de merits


In-addition to the old standard ad sizes google now introduce much awaited custom sized ad units.Till now such facilities are available only for premium publishers but now it is available for normal publishers also.Now publishers can create so many ad units that suitable for their different kind of web layout switch custom sized ad unit user can specify the width and height of each ad units.

Custom sized adsense ads behave like the other standard ad units.One can easily place custom sized ad units in their website,think if your websites content section has a width of 600 pixel then you can easily create and ad having the dimension of 600px X 300px .It is not sure we got the same  advertisement that is created with these particular size,there is chances for displaying other standard ads in this place too.Adsense serve other standard text or media ads having the dimension of 300×250 or 336×280 in this place, if it wont get the that particular size of ad.adsense will automatically align the ads in center,and the remaining area will seen in white color.Custo sized ad units brings more user engagement to the ads,but google places some restrictions for the minimum and maximum sizes of custom sized ads

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In custom sized ads only one dimension can greater than 300 pixel and it will never exceed 1200 pixel.for example if the height is 300 pixel for a custom sized ad then the width must be below 1200 pixel.There are some minimum also.Custom sized ads have a minimum width of 120 pixel and a maximum height of 50pixel.In custom sized ad Text ads is perfectly suitable for the dimensions and users layout but in the case of image ad, adsense will decide how to display it. It may show the behavior of a 300X250 pixel ad or a 336 X 280 pixel ad the rest of the place will be seen in blank

Why custom sized ad units is not good for websites having responsive designs

But in addition to all these advantages custom sized ad units have some disadvantages also.The main one is it is not responsive,such ads are fixed ad units.they won’t dynamically change their size ,and also they don’t respond effectively to different screen  resolution or screen orientation.that’s why google recommend that if your site’s has a responsive design then responsive adsense ad is suitable.

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Before creating custom sized ad units one important point to remember.

Google’s this ad feature really helps publishers to get good revenue from their adsense ad, because of the size that makes goood user engagement.Thus once again google clearly states that they will really trying to help their publishers in a decent manner.But the noted point is that custom sized ads that having the same or above dimensions just like standard halfpage ad (300X600 pixel) must follow the same rule of 300×600 px ad. Publisher can place a maximum of one 300×600 ad unit on each page . if you add additional such ad units there is chances for strict actions against adsense policy violation. So if you create ad units using custom sized ad feature then make sure only one large ad units (300×650 ,300×1000,900×160 etc) is used in a single addition to this publisher can use two other size ad units on the same page.

How to create and add custom sized adsense ad unit to your website

For creating custom sized ad units, first log in to your adsense account,select the “My ads” menu in the adsense dashboard,create a new ad unit by clicking on the “New ad unit” button,select the custom size in the drop down menu which is diplayed under Ad size section,by default it shows recommended,change that to custom size.Select the desired width and height in custom size ad width must be in between 120 and 1200pixel. Another rule about the size of the custom sized ad is,one dimension can be over 300pixel

example you can create ad having a maximum of 1200 px width and 300 pixel height

and minimum of 120px width and 1200 pixel height.

After that select the desired ad style and finally click on the “save and get the code” button and copy the ad code and place it to the desired place in your website.