Dentist in General Practice has the best Financial prospects and Greatest Independence

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A dentist in general practise has the best financial prospects and greatest independence,but is also likely to work the hardest.The general approach in this area is to work as an assistant to an established dentist ,with a view to becoming a partner later on ,or to learn the ropes of running apractise while gaining experience
The BDS course is four year duration and is open to students who have completed the plus two or equivalent examination with the subjects Physics,Chemistry,Biology.

Basic Degrees:
Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) is the basic degree for aspiring Dentist.It can be followed up by Masters Degree in Dental science (MDS) Admission to BDS is is part of the state joint Medical Entrance or at times by a particular Dental/Medical college.

The preparation is the same as that of medical entranceand only students of +2 science (With biology) are eligible to take these tests.

The course duration of BDS is four years after which one has to serve as resident rotary  for year which is compulsory.Then one can do residency house surgeonship  in a hospital thought it is not mandatory