Director RS Vimal Speaks against Kanchanamala




The Evergreen Love story Ennu ninte moideen getting good responses from all over and became one of the most successful malayalam movies of all time.From the beginning  the movie Ennu ninte moideen  haunted by different type of criticism ,but the major and most worst one is from the real life Heroine of ennu ninte moideen movie Kanchanamala.

Kanchanamala’s main argument is that they did not did justice to the families of Moideen and Kanchanamala.The picturization is in the way that they tried to insult the family members.Kanchanamaala taken legal action against the team.But now director RS Vimal began to speak against kanchanamala,during his interview with a popular online media he said that i tried to glorify her but she stand against me,After the release of the movie kanchanamala became very famous and became a celebrity now peoples are buying ticket for seeing Kanchanamala.Vimal also said that,now it’s a must to take ticket and give donations to see kanchanamala.Now a days kanchanmala is a must in all the important function of Calicut. Her immense popularity is only because of my film.But still she hate me and speaks against me,told Vimal.

Kanchanamala  is a millionaire but she never take a penny from her assets for Sevamandir,or any other charity programs.He also state that he removed all the negative sides of her life from the script but still she blame him.After hearing all the arguments from Vimal’s side what you think about it as a reader.

Now this is our point read it.It’s a fact that Kanchanamala is already popular before and after the movie but it is also a fact that the movie Ennu Ninte Moideen gives momentum.but the question is that..She never ask Vimal to take a movie based on her life story.There i s a big profit in it that’s why Vimal take this subject for his movie not for the sake of Kanchanamala and Moideen.

Kanchanamala is a living example of love that’s a fact.she dedicated her entire life for her love.if she so conscious about money or popularity.based on Vimal’s argument she is Millionaire there always have the opportunity for a better life,but she denied it.

She is a aged lady almost 75,and dedicated her entire life for her love then one must follow only her advices and must ask permission to take a movie based on her life and it’s a must that before adding any ingredients to the story one must ask her permission..Based on the reports Vimal never shows the script to kanchanamala for getting her permission,on that angle,Vimal made the film without her permission.

Vimal told that Kanchanamala is still a mother for him,he respect her.But that’s a lie.because he told that he has the evidence that showing kanchanamala speaks against her family,if they seen that all of them fill commit suicide. Of course we are sure that she may tell something like about her family.They are the main hurdles of her love,and because of their narrow minded attitude gives her a 25 year House arrest,then how she can tell about them very happily.But the main villain is RS Vimal  because  she is treated him like a son .So there is chances that she may open her mind and tell all her past sufferings to him,but Vimal betrayed her completely .He never think that after revealing such secrets what will be her life after this…may god bless Vimal..May Kanchanamala gets a fast relief from this crooked society and from this world