Don’t scratch recharge cards with your nails that cause Skin cancer -True or false ?

Scratch recharge card @ cancer
Skin cancer and Silver nitro oxide or silver nitric oxide,fake news ,fake scratch card ne

Silver Nitro Oxide Can Cause Skin Cancer

An unusual post circulating around the internet and some major social media is that Recharge coupons contains poisonous ‘Silver Nitro oxide’ if you are scratch any type of scratch cards including recharge coupons it will cause severe skin cancer.According to some trusted sources and research organizations there is not any such kind of studies haven’t been made yet ,and these are only internet gossips

Take a look at the content of the fake viral post that circulating around internet

Recharge Coupons contains silver Nitro Oxide coating and can cause cancer.Dr. Brian Berry found this cancer

“ATTENTION. …..Medical research Authority of the US have found that new cancer in human beings caused by ‘Silver Nitro oxide’. Whenever u buy recharge cards or calling cards don’t scratch them with ur nail as it contain ‘silver nitro oxide’ coating and can cause skin cancer. Copy and paste this status and spread awareness please”

According to scratch cards manufacturers Silver Nitric oxide have been used in manufacturing & they don’t know anything about silver nitro oxide.Nitric oxide commonly known as laughing gas and have no such side effects leading to skin cancer and also the mentioned organization in post {Medical research Authority of the US} is not really exist.One more interesting factor exist in this is that scratch cards are made from specialized latex inks ,there is no role for so-called Silver Nitro oxide or real Silver Nitric oxide

This Message completely a HOAX.. So kindly leave it ,and no matter for panic