Double Barrel Movie review – Live Audience Review


Double Barrel Movie review – Audience Review – Response

Akhi Akhil : – Kuzhapamila naloru family entertainer kandirikam
Mr Gokul
 ‏– #DoubleBarrel [2/5] – First of all for those who gonna Watch it, It’s a Lijo Jose Pallissery film. You may force to attach with it
Malayalam Review ‏– #DoubleBarrel Above Avg Gangster Spoof Movie Hollywood Style Making and Different Style Of Story Telling Not every ones Cup Of Tea 2.75/5

– അങ്ങനെ അതിന്റെ കാര്യത്തിലും തീരുമാനമായി..!! ലിജോ അണ്ണനും ചതിച്‌
Rockstar –  Highly negative reviews for #DoubleBarrel !!
venugopal – So #DoubleBarrel bombarded at box office. Never expected.
Natasha Rus – “Performance of the cast are succeeded in that venture without any exaggerations” #DoubleBarrel;
Santhosh Raj – #DoubleBarrel Interval – Spoof comedy at its peak. Lots to laugh. Variety treatment. Stunning & extra ordinary visuals and rocking bgm.
Mr Gokul ‏– Now #DoubleBarrel Interval – Visually Best Practically Wrost. Can’t Imagine Such Story, Execution. Comedies & Stunning Camera @santoshsivan

Breaking Movies ‏@BreakingViews4u  – My #DoubleBarrel review prediction after watching d trailer proving slightly wrong, (very) few r liking the movie, expected a total washout
Sree Raj – 
#Double_Barrel first half review
● lijo jose pelliseray,s typical script & making
● superb casting
● silent sunny wayn character powlichu
● real adiyilla vedi mathrame ullu
● background score very fine
● variety type 2 song’s
● nice humaor scenes
Ahmd Sha – Different movie Ellavarkkum Dahikkoola
Cine Cafe Now – #DoubleBarrel review gets 3.75 / 5.0. Comedy.. Comedy.. Comedy.

sayooj ‏- ithippo onathinu padakkam potticha avastha ayi.adiyum illa vediyum illa veruppikkal nallonam ind.vendarnnu double barrel

Martin N Joseph ‏ – #DoubleBarrel – Except the visuals nothing in content. Offers some moments to laugh. Climax sequence is terrific. Not digestive to all.

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