EML to PST Tool to Convert Windows Live Mail to Outlook


EML to PST Converter Review – Features, Working, Pros & Cons

The present review is of EML to PST Converter version 2.0, a Windows based tool, which has been featured with multiple functionalities that make it the latest hit of the developer firm. It is said to have been endorsed with superior characteristics for the conversion of data files from multiple mail programs such as, Windows Live Mail (WLM), Thunderbird, Windows Mail (WM), etc. to Windows Outlook PST file format. The tool generates UNICODE PST; therefore, large number of emails can be saved without endangering them.

Is EML to PST Converter Viable for Mac Thunderbird to PST?

The exportation of emails from WLM and WM can undoubtedly be understood because the two mail programs create EML files for the storage of data items and also because they are built to be installed and configured on Windows operating system. But doubt arises when it is said that it can export mail content from ‘Thunderbird for Mac’ to Outlook for Windows. Isn’t it? Obviously it does!

The question arises because ‘Mozilla Thunderbird for Mac’ desktop email client originally creates MBOX files to store mailbox that includes emails and not EML file. The other reason is that the necessity is to access emails of one platform into other i.e. cross-platform transfer of emails from Mac to Windows is required and above all the tool is Windows based. But certainly, it is possible! Know in the section below, how the converter can be used to export emails of ‘Thunderbird for Mac’ in Windows Outlook.

EML to PST Converter for Mac Thunderbird to Win Outlook

If there is a need to access ‘Thunderbird for Mac’ emails data item in Outlook for Windows then EML to PST Converter can come in use.By the method of drag and drop, the emails from Thunderbird’s MBOX file can be saved on the desktop of the Macintosh system in EML file format. Or if user does not want to use the drag and drop process, any free tool available online can be downloaded to export MBOX emails into EML file. Once, converted in EML the file can be loaded in a flash drive and transferred into any Windows machine, regardless of version.

EML to PST Converter for Eudora, WLM, WM, ‘Thunderbird for Mac’ to Win OutlookOnce the EML files are transported in Windows machine, the EML to PST Converter tool can be used irrespective of the fact whether the EML file belongs to Windows Thunderbird, Mac Thunderbird, WLM, Eudora or WM.

Hits and Misses of the Converter


  1. Provides preview of the stored EML files with Explorer Window for automatic loading of the .eml file.
  2. Renders preview of both emails and their Attachments that are stored in the EML file.
  3. Email preview is provided in two patterns that are Horizontal and Vertical Switch view.
  4. Generates email preview in multiple modes such as Normal, MIME, Hex, Properties, HTML, RTF, Message Header and Attachments. The views give several kinds of chief details.

5. Transfer Windows Live Mail to Outlook in bulk and without hampering data, when an EML file is auto-selected.

6. Performs conversion of EML file to PST format without hassle and with ease.

7. The tool provides option to split PST with respect to size to minimize corruption.

  1. Outlook program installation is not a must-have feature for the tool’s execution.
  2. The application can be run on Windows version 8 and its extension 8.1 as well.
  3. Latest Outlook version 2013 is also supported by the converter application.
  4. Supports EML files of different desktop mail programs without any limitation.
  5. Destination location of PST file can be chosen by the user; even new folder can be built.

Remark – Indeed, the utility possesses numerous advantageous features that make the conversion task a child’s play. Once EML file is available on the conversion machine, the ball goes in the tool’s court to convert EML to PST. And in fact, the tool performs the conversion without failure in a very less time.


1. The converter is only a Windows based tool and not compatible on Apple’s Mac. Hence, the EML files needs to be transferred first from the Mac Machine into Windows operating system with the assistance of a USB drive. This is one of the most important tasks to begin conversion, if the EML files are on Macintosh systems.

2. For exportation of mails from email programs like Thunderbird into Outlook PST, first EML files needs to be created manually. This is because the tool does not have any provision for it. But then, conversion from MBOX to EML is not a tough process.

Remark – Though in count two drawbacks of the converter occurs, they are not troublesome and can be easily handled. Even a non-tech user can easily resolve the issues without failure.

System Requirements Specified

  • 5 Mega Bytes of free space is essential on conversion machine.
  • Windows operating system is necessary for changeover.
  • Processor frequency above 1GHz, the best suited is 2.4GHz.
  • Minimum required RAM size is 512MB while 1GB is optimal.

Tool’s Additional Advantages

The additional advantages provided by the converter tool are as follows:

1. Interface & Working

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Self explanatory GUI.
  • 4-simple steps: Open, Scan, Preview, Export


  1. Reasonable Cost
  • Cost of Personal License is only 49USD
  • Business License costs 129USD
  • Enterprise key at 299 USD.
  1. Trial Version Available
  • Demo version is available for free.
  • 10 emails per folder can be converted.

Final Verdict Penned Down

From the detailed analysis of EML to PST Converter Software, based on characteristics, features and pre-requisites the tool can be rated 9 on a scale of 10. 9 points, because the utility is not compatible with Mac operating system. Leaving this limitation aside, the converter excels in the conversion procedure from EML file type to Personal Storage Table or say PST format.