‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’ Prithviraj’s upcoming Romantic movie

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[tab:OVERVIEW] Ennu Ninte Moideen is an upcoming Malayalam movie Directed by RS Vimal,and produed by Newton Cinimaas.Ennu Ninte Moytheen is a fully romantic Malayalam Movie based a on a true story,a story of real love,seperation and dedication  .This is the story of Kanchana and Moideen both are real life characters who lived in Mukkam Kozikkodu.Prithviraj and Parvathy menon plays the role of Moidheen and Kanchana. This imortal Love story is directed by debutante RS Vimal.He already did a Documentary basd on this story named ‘Jalam Kondu Murivetaval’ and which got huge appreciation from the critics.

This love story starts in early 60 s .Kanchanamala and Moideen both of them are from different religion Moideen is from a reputed Muslim family and Kanchana is also from a well reputed Hindu Family.Both of them were childhood friends and their friendship grows as they grew and and  fall in love.Eventhough their parents were friends they were stand against their marriage, because of the religious boundaries.But still they stood strong on their decision.Meanwhile Moideen continued his social work and became a sports correspondent in Mathrubhumi newspaper.But Kanchana facing strong opposition during this time from family.she even attempted suicide but luckily  escaped. Even though their families strong opposition they contacted through letters. But unfortunately  Moideen met a tragic end in a boat mishap  in Irivanchippuzha river in 1982.That event  turned Kanchana’s life ,but not in a usual manner,her after life became unbelievable one. Their starts an unbelievable life story ,and she became a living example of true love.She dedicated her entire life for her love and for social services. We will hope that ‘Ennu Ninte Moideen’ movie visualizes her entire life story in silver screen without loosing its real value and the purity of her love.

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[tab:CAST & CREW] Cast & Crew

Directed by RS Vimal
Produced by Suresh Raj Binoy Shankarath Ragy Thomas
Written by RS Vimal
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as Moideen
  • Parvathy as Kanchana
  • Tovino Thomas as Appu
  • Bala
  • Saikumar
  • Shashi Kumar
  • Lena
  • Sudheer Karamana
  • Sudheesh
  • Sivaji Guruvayoor
  • Kalaranjini
  • Surabhi
  • Saniya Iyappan
  • Indrans
  • Sija Rose
  • Devi Ajith
  • Emine Salman as young Kanchana
  • George Tharakan
Music by Songs: M. Jayachandran Ramesh Narayan Background Score: Gopi Sunder
Cinematography Jomon T. John
Edited by Mahesh Narayanan
Lyrics Rafeeq Ahamed
Makeup Renjith Ambady
Costume Kumar Edapal
Stills Paul bathery
Art Gokul Das
Production company
Newton Movies
Distributed by Central Pictures
Release dates
August 2015
Country India
Language Malayalam


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