Facebook is now on virus threat


It’s not a new phenomenon that hackers continuously targeting big social networking legends like Facebook,Twitter,etc. this time Facebook and Twitter these two are the victim some viruses already penetrate in Facebook.So Beware about your account safety and protect your personal information with strong password.

we got some solid proof about this new worm attacks .Hackers always searching new way to trap normal users for stealing their personal informations. so they think very drastically for this .For this now they make beautiful Facebook application and users forced to use such apps. Example:- Now a new theme creating apps circulating around on Facebook . Because every users bored to use the same theme all these years .so if any one got a chance definitely use the new one that’s why the new red theme is spreading all over the facebook.Many people try to use it and the worm automatically spread into such people’s friendship networks.Fortunatly Facebook find its remedy and they gives a notification about this .But it wont work every time.So Careful about this apps if any one tagged this to you please immediately remove that particular tag and spread this message to your friends as soon as possible

Facebook red theme virus spreading with an attractive image file this file shows how Facebook look like if it’s in red color .It’s very nice .But too dangerous also.Check this image file you will get the idea.Never click the link attached to this image file on facebook       It’s a virus ……