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funny malayalam film photo comments

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Facebook malayalam Photo comment

photo comments malayalam film dialogue

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Facebook introduced photo comment feature for all users.This new feature was built in a hackathon by Facebook engineers.This allows users to post photos instead of text comments by clicking the camera icons shown on the right side of comment field.Today onwards  we are uploading funny photos for Facebook photo comments visit our website daily and take these funny, cool, awesome photos …….Funny photos,actors photos with film dialogue,Funny profile pictures,photo comments meme and a lot more.

Our Facebook Photo comments gallery includes ,Malayalam Photo comments,Hindi photo comments, English photo comments,facial action photos,Comic pictures,movie scenes,best photo comments.Comment memes,Today onwards we are including attractive wallpapers for your facebook profile,heart touching movie scenes,cute profile pictures,cover photos for your Facebook profiles etc.

NOTE: But sometimes this amazing entertainment feature went wrong.people repeatedly using such features for abusing and harassing others.Using social networking platforms for such activities is criminal offense . Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites very careful .when using this service in Facebook keep it in mind that it’s a public platform.so avoid such harassment. Use all these pictures for fun.situations make things worse so use all these photos on right places and consider others sentiments too ,not just your happiness only.

A complete photo gallery for your facebook photo comments.

How to Download these photo comments.

Its very simple  just right click on each image and select save image as link then chose the right place for saving and save it that’s all.After that post it on facebook by selecting the comment field and click on the camera icons in the comment field on facebook then upload the photo that you are previously saved and click the enter button,that’s all..    Right click on image > save image as