Facebook Restricted list – How to use Facebook Restricted list feature

How to add a friend to restricted list,what happens when we add someone to the list


Facebook Restricted list

Restricted List is one of the very interesting feature of Facebook.Its give more protection in users privacy settings.This feature allow us the freedom of Facebook usage if we change some small settings.we can’t share all posts with our full Facebook friends because our friend list may include  our family members like mam dad or even our boss too.so some type of post is not suited for people like them but we can’t remove them in our friend list.What is the solution for this problem.is there any solution?.The answer is Yes.Restricted list will give us the freedom of posting sharing our desired type posts

What is Facebook Restricted list

Restricted list is a place where we can add some people so that you can stay Facebook friends with someone without letting them see every single little activity you get up to.them

What happens when we add someone to the Restricted list?

When we add someone to our Restricted list they will only be able to see your public content or particular post that we tag them in.So if you put your dad or boss or anyone in Restricted list ,and after that if you will post a photo and chose your friends as the audience(Not the public:if we selected the public audience it will be visible to all).your boss or dad or mam (any one in the restricted list)wont see the photo.However ,if you add a tag of your boss ( anyone in the restricted list) to the photo and it will visible to them.And the important thing is if someone else try to tag one of your  photo in your restricted list’s people. Facebook will give you an approval notification.you’ll get to approve this tag from your pending posts.

Where to get  it

1.Go to the particular friends account whom you want to add in restricted Lists

2.Click on the friends tab

Restricted Lists

3. Select add to another list

facebook Restricted List

4.From their you will get Restricted list

Facebook Restricted list

5.Click on it That’s all