FakeOff new Facebook app that detect fake Facebook accounts

Find fake facebook profile with Fakeoff facebook app

fakeoff app

Fakeoff is an amazing application that will help you to identify your fake facebook friends.An Israeli startup has created this wonderful apps .FakeOff creator Eliran Shachar says that out of the 1.35 billion users on Facebook at least 10 percent are fake ones

FakeOff facebook app will help you to find…

1.Fake Facebook accounts from your friend list

2.It will help to identify whether the friend requests are fake or not

3.Once you have installed this app in your profile it will continuously search for fake accounts on your profile.After that it will rate and categorize your friends list in the order of One to Ten.FakeOff also checks for all suspicious activities in your profile.

4.FakeOff app Scan the pictures of other profiles and find out whether it is stolen from some where and find out the account is real or fake. If FakeOff finds such accounts it will notify you.

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This application will help you to find and remove fake profiles/accounts from your friend list.Fake profiles are the major problem in facebook,people use such profiles for criminal activities like sex abuse,threatening,terrorrism,try to make religious conflicts etc.Fake off app will check the timeline activity of a suspected person’s account ,and also it allows users to scan others photo to find out wheather it was stolen from somewhere else.

Accroding to Shachar “FakeOff app uses sophisticated algorithm to investigate the behavior of suspect ‘friends’ and rank them according to a 1-10 credibility score. It scans up to 365 days of timeline activity for every suspect friend and checks for abnormal activity,”

According to Our Sources The fakeOFF app stops their support ,we don’t know what is the exact reason.We can’t a find a smart alternative ,but you can use this google chrome extension if you still want to need a Facebook fake account detector Download Now. This is a Google Chrome Browser extension so it is only available for those people who used  google chrome browser for Facebook login.