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Who is Gauhar Jaan

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Gauhar Jaan notable Hindustani classical musician and Dancer from Culcutta. She was(गौहर जान) the famous ‘Tawaif’ of her years, Her reputation can be judged by the fact that India’s first gramophone disc had Gauhar Jaan, singing a khayal in Raag Jogiya,recorded on 2 November 1902 and for this she was paid Rs.3000.00 in those years,was born as Angelina Yeoward on 26 June 1873 in Azamgarh, of Armenian descent.Born 26 June 1873 Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Her father, William Robert Yeoward an engineer
>Gauhar Jaan mother – Victoria Hemmings, in 1872. Victoria, an Indian by birth, had been trained in music and dance. She and her mother converted to islam after her mother’s second marriage and thus she take the new name Gauhar Jaan aka Gauhar Jan
Gauhar Jaan Died 17 January 1930 (aged 56) IndiaGauhar Jaan photos

gauhar jaan and akbar

Akbar Allahabadi was a Judge of Allahabad high court and also a conservative, satirist poet who wrote the famous ‘Hungama hai kyun barpa, thodi si jo pi li hai.which is so popular at that time .His son fall in love with a european girl and express his desires to marry her but Akbar vigorously oppose it but finally gave up.For the marriage a grand funtion were arranged and invite Gauhar Jaan to perform.To tease   Akbar Allahabadi some one asked him about to say something about Gauhar jaan,He is already not so pleasant in the arrival of Gauhar jaan his conservative belief was against that .Akbar said:
‘Kushnaseeb aaj yahan kaun hai Gauhar ke siva… Sab kuchh Allah ne de rakhha hai shauhar ke siva..’ (खुशनसीब आज यहाँ कौन है गौहर के सिवा ; सबकुछ अल्लाह ने दे रखा शहर के सिवा…) (Almighty has bestowed upon Gauhar a shimmering fate, She has the best of world, except a housemate.)She is so bold and so popular at that time and not just like the ordinary girls.   In reply to Akbar she said these lines that completely quietened blushing red Akbar :
‘Yun to Gauhar ko mayassar hain hazaron shauhar, par pasand usko nahi koi Akbar ke siva’ ( यूँ तो गौहर को मयस्सर है हज़ारों शौहर, पर पसंद उसको नहीं कोई अकबर के सिवा …)
(Gauhar has this world to pick a thousand mates, her chosen one is Akbar, none else fits her slate’ 

India’s first recording sessions included Gauhar Jaan, singing a khayal in Raag Jogiya, recorded by Fred Gaisberg of the Gramophone CompanyGauhar Jaan photos

Gauhar’s most famous for songs like ‘Mora Nahak Laye gavanava’, ‘Jabse Gaye mori sur huna live’, ‘Ras ke Bhare Tore Nain mere Dard-e-jigar’. She was also noted for her bhajan performances.On 1st August 1928, Gauhar Jaan was appointed as the Palace Musician in the court of Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV of Mysore

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