Google adsense, best and successful ad placement


In Google Adsense ad placement is really important for better earning.For Placing adsense ad google introduced so many guidelines. Understanding those guidelines are very important,and it is essential for getting more revenue and avoiding of google’s  penalties.
Before talking about the ad placement,you must note some important things.
It’s not a must that every user click on the ads,and also don’t try to do that in any tricky ways.people will place ads in such  a way that it will help to generate accident clicks.

Content overlapping on ads is against adsense policies that will cause accidental clicks.such clicks affect adwords customers very badly.
Placing small images next to adsense ads, usually that is not a good practice in adsense ad placement.But some people do such activity by placing ads that  suggest a relationship between images and that will cause accidental clicks.Never try to confuse your visitor by placing the ads in such a manner.for example when you create a gallery and it have a series of  thumbnail images that is clickable for viewing  images in large size; some people try to place an ad having the same size of the thumbnail image and palce it in between the images. Then it will mislead the user and cause accidental clicks.

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In google adsense better adplacement needs more experiments,there is not any particular solution for earning good revenue through ad placement experiment.keep experimenting with your ads, changes the position of the ads in your websites that suitable for your website layout. but do it only after understanding  google’s guidelines,otherwise it may be a reason for losing your search traffic at  the time when google update their search engine algorithms.

Better Ad placement
one thing is always keep in mind that content is the king and the most important part of your website. so give the first preference to the content, and think just like a user. Your site should be clean and easy to navigate,always Confirm that  your user get the essential data that, what he actually needed.

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For a better seo friendly ad placement you must highlight the content first. you can place the ad close to the main content but that’s not mean the ad placement can disturb users.The content should be easily available for the users,another important thing is that don’t include too many ads in the top of the page that will really affect your site’s ranking and seo. If you want to know how it affect your search engine ranking read this.Including ads above the fold or higher up on the page is best for getting good revenue. Users can easily see the ads without scrolling down further so there is a tendency to include too many ads above the fold for maximum user attention thus the content goes down on the page ,that’s not appreciable.

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These points are basic but most important

One can include Up to three ad unit,three link units ,and two search boxes for a single page,

Check these better and worst ad placement examples



Ad Style is very important factor in better ad placement.

People have a tendency to avoid anything that looks separate to the main content of the site,so for avoiding the ad blindness of users, you have to blend the ad style with respect to your main content and background of your webpage.for this change the background and boarder color of your ads as the same of your webpage background color.Sites having lite white backgrounds don’t need so much risk for changing ad style ,they can use the default Adsense ad style.because its background is already white that is suitable for white background sites.

There is another way we can experiment for ad placement .Use colors in ad background and boarders that already present in your sites, means the color that uses in your layout designing.But please keep in mind that don’t match the ad’s backgrounds and boarders exactly where the ads are displayed.

Check the below examples of some most successive google ad styles.


Another way  is that use color in ads background that stand out against the background of the webpage.We can use Such contrasting ad only in dark background websites.

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One important point for publishers who’s website having repeated visitors,Such publishers must do changes the position of their ads occasionally because the repeated visitors already knows about your ad positions very well and there are chances that they likely to became blinded to your ad so often doing ad position changing experiments works for such publishers whose having repeated visitors to their site.

Ad types is another important factor

The  The most successful ad type and the most recommended ad type for maximum revenue is “Text& Display ad”.Most successful ad sizes (Both text and Display ads) are ‘ 300×250 medium rectangle ‘ , ‘728×90 leaderboard’ , ‘ 300×600 half page ‘. These are the best and most sucessful ad sizes but you can also use other ad sizes too,select that really suitable for your site design.

Don’t do these things while ad placement on Web pages.

1.Don’t overuse ad units on a single page (Up to three ad unit,three link units ,and two search boxes for a single page)

2.Don’t try to add unwanted animations or other types of attention attracting images that mislead the users to the ads above or below to the adsense ads.

3.Doubtful headers like click here ,related links recommended etc

4.Please don’t try to align images,or image thumbnails with ads

5.Never push down the main content below the fold of a web page,that will really affect your search engine ranking

6.Ads in gaming sites (flash gaming) must follow some important things,their must have a 150pixel distance between the ads and the games,because there are chances of invalid clicks because of rapid movements and clicks.

7.Don’t place google ads on auto refreshing pages.Refresh is only happen when user interest to do so