Google Introduced “Views” for contributing your 360 degree photo spheres to google maps


Google always expanding their services and technologies by adding stunning and helpful features.Recently they launched a new community site called “Views” that make it easy for people to publicly share their photos of places by contributing photo spheres to google maps

Photo spheres | How to create Photo Spheres

Photo spheres is an android camera feature that capture  360 degree street view like panoramas
For creating this just watch the official google video How to create Photo sphere with your android phone

Photo spheres can be created with the camera in Android 4.2 or higher, including most Nexus devices and the new Nexus 7 tablet.

How to upload your 360 degree photo spheres

To upload 360º photo spheres,that you previously taken . just sign into the Views site with your Google+ profile and click the blue camera button on the top right of the page. This will enable you to import your existing photo spheres from your Google+ photos. You can also upload 360º photo spheres to Views from the Gallery in Android by tapping “Share” and then selecting Google Maps.

You can also turn your DSLR camera panoramas into photo spheres.Also you can share your phot spheres on your google plus also send photo spheres via Gmail or Drive to any one with an android device an also you can embed them on your website or blog
Photo Spheres

You can also create photo spheres using your own camera  Google create an application page for creating photospheres from a panorama that you may have created using an application or software other than Photo sphere camera in android 4.2 .because the photo spheres you created  with another software or application may be not viewable in Google + and android or may be you cant submit that in  Google google create a new app page for converting your own photo spheres that  created with another software or applications

Go to this link to convert your photo spheres