Highest Paid Malayalam Actresses and their Remuneration



Actress Nayanthara is the Highest paid malayalam actresses.Based on her Tamil Telugu Remuneration her Malayalam Payment is very law.In malayalam her Remuneration is 1 to 1.25 Crore.But in Tamil it’s 2.5 to 2.75 Crore Indian Rupees.


List of Top 17 Highest Paid Malayalam actresses.
Compared to the remuneration or salary of an actor for a particular movie the salary of an actress is very very low.May be there are many reason for that.Most of the movies are made for actor.Another disappointing fact is that ,In most of the movies the lead actress is just a showbiz or only an attracting factor or a factor which boost the heroism of the lead actor Actress can’t get out from the shadow of Hero .But compared to other language movies still Malayalam Industry gave more importance and value to the female character.

There are so many movies that an actress may became the prime reason for the success of the movies than the lead actor. Shobhana Revathy,Suhasini,Urvvashi are doing strong female oriented roles in many movies.Recent times now its Manju Warrier,Navya Nair,Kavya Mdhavan,Mamtha Mohandas are some of them.But still their remuneration is too low.Malayalam  industry gave more importance to actress compared to other indian film industry but when the salary matter come ,malayalam will be the last,and the salary is just only a maximum 20% of lead actor’s remuneration.