How to hide files Inside a Picture and protect it with safe passwords


There are many free software available for protecting your data with secret passwords like folder security Truecrypt etc But the problem is that if any of your friends or family members ask you to unlock or ask for its passwords then you can’t the only way to hide such data anywhere else that they never think about it.Do you want to hide your confidential data inside a picture or any kind of image files and you can protect it with secret passwords for protecting and strengthening your otheres might not think about it.For this you have to download one software it’s absolutely free click on the below link and download the software and then extract the zip file then you will get Free_File_Camouflage.exe double click the software and two window will open one is their donation page if you interested in this software then you can donate .or skip the donation page window and select the software window

Download the software

1. click the file to hide browse button and select the files you want to hide and

2. then click the jpg image browse button and select the file in which you want to hide your file

3. Select the location for the output file

4.Now enter the desired passwords and a click the camouflage button to begin the process

That’s it your new file is now hidden inside a picture

To access the file select the De-camouflage button 

1. select the images to de-camouflage

2. show the location to store the files from the image

3. Enter the password and click the De-camouflage..That’s all