How to use a public computer safely – Adjust font size in browsers


1.PLease Don’t Save your Logon informations

Always close the browser after click the logout button correctly and make sure that it is successfully logged out  .Always remember It’s not enough to simply close the browser window or type in another address.Many programmes like social networking sites,webmail instant messanger programmes include automatic login features that will save your username and  passwords.disable this options so no one can enter you profile as you

Disable the feature in browser like internet explorer,google chrome,mozilla firefox that stores passwords


  1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools  Gear icon, and then click Internet Options.
  2. Click the Content tab, and then click Settings, next to AutoComplete.
  3. Click to clear the check box for User names on passwords and forms.)

When you use a public computer, be on the look out for thieves who look over your shoulder or watch as you enter sensitive passwords to collect your information

Always remember dont enter any sensitive informations in a public computer

These things will help you to got some protection from casual hackers who use a public computer after you have.

If you really want to be safe, avoid typing your credit card number or any other financial or otherwise sensitive information into any public computer.

One or more important factor is Delete your temporary Internet files and your history

(you can help protect your private information by deleting your temporary Internet files.)

(Windows-7-How to Delete your temporary Internet files and your history)

Open internet explorer— safety button—Delete Browsing history—A new Tab will apear tick these option(PRESERVE FAVORITE WEBSITE DATA,TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES,COOKIES,HISTORY)THEN SELECT DELETE BUTTON

Thats all… 

How to adjust font size in our browsers – How to read small fonts in websites 

In the large world of internet there are thousands of website. millions of people used the internet daily for their multiple purposes .according to the screen resolution display monitor and website designing,user’s eye problems and many more reason because of all these .sometimes small font size of website causes users big trouble in reading what can we do we can’t edit the webpage and can’t increase the font size of such website then what leave that matter is it right? definitely no .There have some easy solution one of that is we can increase the size of the fonts in the website without editing the webpage .we can set these function in our own web browsers .How it possible

Follow the below steps

TAKE YOUR BROWSER first of all we discuss about google chrome
open the browser and select the settings

google chrome> settings> web content> font size
here you have multiple choices very Small,small,medium,large ,Very large
Also you can set your desired font for this select the customize tab button very near to web content option select this and make proper changes

In all web browsers u can use your favourable font size

In Mozilla Firefox
1. Select the Tools Menu then select options
there you can see a window select content tab in that window there you can change the fonts and its sizes for more better visual experience

You also Have another very easy way
2. first open the web page.

To enlarge font, press CTRL key and scroll mouse ( CTRL + ).
To reduce CTRL ­­-

to fit in window CTRL 0