Important points to remember before applying google Adsense


Google Adsense, I already wrote so much introduction about Adsense, the importance of Adsense and the types of people who can select this feature etc. if you are a blogger and you are interested in implementing Google Adsense revenue earning program into your blog then read that article firstly, Follow this link

Now i am coming to the point, that what are the key points to follow every blogger before applying google adsense

It’s really simple steps but very important.If you follow these points very carefully and legitimately your first step to adsense is very easy.

1.Read Adsense program policies Very carefully

This is the first and foremost thing that every blogger or adsense publisher must follow

2.Understand How to Develop a website that fully compatible for adsense

Google adsence has some strict policy and guidelines for developing a website that compatible for adsense.i already described about it please follow this link to read it.

3. Selection of Niche (ie, the Selection of subject you are interested to write)

This is something very crucial when your application came in front of Google Adsense team and also important for getting better revenue from google Adsense. Niche’s selection is really matter.It will affect your earnings also. There are so many high paying Niche’s (Hosting, Search engines, Social Media, Banking, Automobile, Adsense, SEO etc.). But Always try to write things you must have better understandings, and not follow only because of it is the highest paying niches. If you do such things you can’t follow Adsense strict policy’s and you will get rejected. Always remember google Adsense is not for pornographic,hacking , illegal drugs or explosives and other pirated contents

When Niches came into matter there are few questions arises in the mind of every blogger.which (macro or micro niches) is more efficient and smarter way to make money through blogging. yeah this will be a tough question.if there is a team of writers Macro Niches sites are the very best, and in my own opinion it’s the best option for getting adsense approval so fast,please note your articles must be unique ,relevant ,user friendly and easy to understand in both conditions.

But if you are a single person then am strongly recommend that please select Micro Niches sites,mainly because you can’t handle all the niches effectively and can’t became an expert in any of the categories in your website or blog,otherwise it needs a lot of hard works.To become an expert in particular niche is the best way for earning lot from Google adsense.But always try to give something new through your blog. Write from your own experiences and understanding.never try to copy paste others matter,content scraping is really waste.

4.Submit your application to Google with enough content on your site.

When you are writing any articles about something,always keep in mind that according to Google’s concern content is the king. so their should have enough content ,Site’s having little or no original content will be rejected. So keep in mind that there should be a recommended minimum content for each articles ,According to my knowledge Minimum Word count is 300 ,But i recommend at least 600 to 700 words.

Google never set a limit for the number of post before applying adsense ,but it will be good if there is enough post to evaluate your knowledge about the subject,and it will be helpful for google to understand  how it helps their clients  to get enough customers through the ad that shown in your post. I personally recommend write at least 25 to 50 articles before applying adsense

5.Avoid articles having attracting titles without having matching content

Some bloggers do this type of useless tricks by adding highly attracting titles with no original or matching content in the articles.Users leave such sites quickly and it will lowers the returning visitor count. Adsense approval for Such website is a Hard nut to break. Avoid such dirty games and understand Blogging is a noble career. Do it with respect

6.Never try to add keywords intentionally to the article

Adding keyword effectively into the article is the real art of blogging but it feels natural.If you are trying to add a lot of keywords intentionally , it surely went wrong.Keyword density really matters,Google has strong and smart algorithms to find such fraudulent activities ,but remember if keyword density lowers it will also affect your SEO

7.Avoid Copyrighted materials

Like images,content like channel videos,etc. Never use copyrighted scripts and other materials for making your website or blog,if you don’t have enough permission for it.

8.Avoid third party Ad codes at the time of adsense application   submission

Never try to submit a website for google adsense with a third party ad code in it. The chances of rejection is very high in such conditions. How google encourage their competitors too.

9.Domain age.

In some countries domain age matters,Countries like India, Pakistan,china, the website needs to be live at least 6 months,it is clear in Google’s terms and conditions. But recently we have seen that, from India many application go through even before two months,so Indian bloggers can try their luck even before the time frame of 6 months,may be the approval based on their content quality ,niche selection etc

10. Try to write things for a global audience.
I mean that always try to write articles for people  around the globe . Targeting peoples from particular region is not a good practice,it will affect many things like your adsense approval,traffic, cpc etc. For a better performance and faster result Target audience from United state ,UK ,Canada,Australia like countries for getting better cpc (Cost per click) .Because each countries have separate cpc rate ,if you write articles for a particular region of any country then the chances of getting high cpc ads, is very low. But remember matter of interest is still crucial.

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11. Be patient and Never stops…

Understand Adsesne is a matter of Hard works and patients. There is not any quick tricks or tips . But have place for some smart works, Be consistent and never stops writing… that’s the success Mantra of adsense. Good Luck