How to improve CPC (cost per click rate) in Google Adsense

Increase Adsense cost per click

How to improve-google-adsense-cpc

Google Adsense is one of the major Revenue earning program implemented on most of the blogs and websites in today. But earning a good income through Adsense is not an easy job you have to run hard but not blindly but smartly.

What is CPC ? The answer is very simple . CPC is the short form of Cost per click ,that’s all!!! . What you think ,Is this answer is sufficient? Of course not.Cost per click means when any user click on your ad that placed in a particular position of your website you will get a particular amount according to the advertiser who gave that particular ad to google and google show it in your website.The CPC amount of an ad will be calculated based different things that the Budget of the advertiser and the daily limits he placed in it and so on.Can we ask any advertisers to spend more money for advertising and thus our CPC rate will be high ,That’s a rubbish then what to do.Try to get ads that have high CPC rate.Thus increase in cpc rate will be the right answer for the most popular question of every adsense publishers ie, how to increase google adsense earnings

What to do for getting high cost per click (CPC) rated ads.Yah that is the point.If you are getting very low CPC rate as compared to your ad clicks and website traffic.In such cases you have to change the routine styles of blogging to a new one.

adsense CPC rate will affect so many factors

1.Site Content
There is not any quick trick for adsense earning, the existing one is hard work.The soul of an article is the content.writing an article for website’s having adsense revenue earning program ,you must follow some important things.Content should be unique and new,never try to copy paste or reproduce other’s content usually google will find such website and block their adsense account, but some cases people will do some quick tricks for hiding their scrapped content from google’s search algorithms .For this generally they simply replaces the existing words of scrapped contents with other words having the same meaning,but that’s not a good practice and sure google will find it one day then all your hard work gone in vain,and also such kind of sites/blogs get very low cpc rates.

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So try to write your articles with unique and attractive content. Also remember to add good high paying keywords,try to use long trail key words. but remember not add it blindly.You can use gooogle adword for getting high paying Keywords.


Another key point for getting High cpc.  Niche of the site/blog. Before starting to make a website you must think and determine the niche of the site. Please never add so many categories of things as niche just like,Tech,games,world news,apps so on .If you can’t manage to write articles related to such categories which you are not so specific.Such sites needed co-writers. so many Niche’s and one single writer, you can’t enjoy the writing and it will surely affect your writing must do deep research in each main categories(Niche). Without a good research or up to date and new information your site and information will become outdated.It will cause to get very poor CPC rates.If you target one or two niches in which you have a special interest and knowledge. You can interestingly write about that particular subject and thus the number of articles from that particular category / Niche increases, and thus automatically your site listed in google search, because now there is so much keywords related to a particular category in your website, and it will give the role of an expert to your site.That will help to listed more quickly in google search,and helps to get high CPC rates.

But Selection of Niche is very important these are some High CPC rated Niche’s ,,but kindly note one important thing is that select which is suitable for your knowledge,and understandings;never target only which is more payable ,because writing a particular topic needed more research on that, you have to follow all the new trends and changes happening on that particular topic .

For example, if you follow the Adsense then you have to understand what are the new challenges and changes happening in that field . This topic is also related to some other field like SEO, blogging, etc. Because these are Co related.if you are not aware about such things and you will blindly follow Adsense only, because of it pays high CPC (Cost Per Click) ,then your site is not getting the role of an expert because it’s failed to suggest some important point related to Adsense, and you will try to update site with scraped content (because you are not fully aware about subject) from other reputed site and it may really hurt your search traffic, page rank etc.

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Selection of high payed Niche’s very important ,have a look at this, arranged in the order of High payed one first

1.Write about Big Domains – means Big hosting companies (Hosting) like Godaddy,blue host etc or search engines like Google Yahoo, Bing etc. It pays highest CPC.
Gadgets – Tech Gadgets like Apple,samsung and other products
Microsoft – MS office
Real Estate
Home Loans
Dating & Romance – It pays lowest CPC.

3.Website optimization for different platform (Multi screen Optimization)

Optimise your website for different platforms like Desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones, etc.. This is a google recommended feature

4.Your Viewers location (Countries)

Another important thing for high CPC rated ads.when thinking about cpc so many things are arising ,this ne may be a crucial will never pay same cpc for all countries because there would be a legible reason ,think if google pay same cpc for all countris then there would have so many countries in which internet is not so popualr like what we think,buying through internet is in such countries ,only a very small percentage,in such condition how they give normal cpc rates for all countries,thus they place some limitations or decrease in cpc of such countries,so try to write something for global readers that will worth for you especially for High CPC paying countries like USA,UK,CANADA,Australia etc

5.Your Ad placement (Keep Experimenting)

Better ad placement is also an important factor for getting more clicks and higher cpc.Also choose most successful ad units like 336×280 large rectangle ,728×90 leaderboard ,and 300 x 600 half page ads.Keep experimenting the position of all these ad units until you will get better result

Block Low CPC Ads

Another important one is that block low cpc ads.CPC rate is related to the budget and daily limit of the advertiser ,so it is very important to block such kind of low cpc ads

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