India is developing robots for battle -India’s Robot Army

Indian robot army
india Building Robot Army,soldier robots

Soldier Robots , we have seen previously,but not in real life ,only science fiction movies,But now this amazing human imagination will become true.But many sources say that America and Japan already have soldier robots.Its the big revolutionary change in the battlefield.Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has planned to build robotic soldiers and mules, as part of unmanned fighting systems for the future.DRDO developing soldier robots that can work like a human soldier. They can work and think.they behave like human beings because they have artificial intelligence to carry out their activities.DRDO already developed remote-controlled robotic vehicle for detecting and destroying bombs.It costed 21 crores to 56 crore……

DRDO chief Avinash Chander stated that the organization will “work for robotic soldiers… [and] look for very high levels of intelligence”.According to his opinion the Robotics will dominate the future of Warfare In DRDO’s Soldier Robots. This projects’,first phase mainly concentrated in making Human controlled Robots,and all of its activities are controlled by human being and it must have the permission from human beings to do their work ,and eventually DRDO will make fully Autonomous Robots for the front line of warfare,and they itself understand the enemy and take action against the enemy using their on intelligence .He also revealed that india aims make a situation where Robot controlled by Human and they give the right directions in the warfare, Instead of humans guiding robots.But one thing is must that the morality of giving licence to robots for killing people definitely will make so much debate and questions

At the leafy Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee (IIT-Roorkee campus, a group of PhD students is working on a four-legged robot that would be able to carry weapons to soldiers on the battlefront.

“We are working on the operational prototype of a four-legged robot that consists of a chassis and can be used at the forefront of war areas, for instance to carry weapons,” P.M. Pathak, associate professor in the mechanical engineering department, told IANS.

“Even if one limb is hit by a bullet, the robot can continue to function on the remaining three limbs, and even of two,” explained Divye Anand, a third year student in the robotics department.