Indian-origin researchers Create ‘Bionic Ear’ with 3-D Printer!

Bionic ear
Hearing equipment bionic ear with 3d printer

Princeton University researchers(including one Indian-origin) created a 3D printed ‘bionic’ ear ,it is the result of combining electronics with biological material.The bionic ear is not meant to replace an actual ear but serve as an aid or enhancement tool.Bionic Ear that can “hear” radio frequencies far beyond the range of normal human capability.The Bionic Ear is properly called a cochlear implant.It is very helpful to deaf people to hear another person”s speakIt is the latest advancement in the field of cybernetics,here using a combination of silicone and collected bovine tissue via a 3-D printer

3D printing is the technology used here to produce bio-tonic ear by synchronizing electronics and biology.Cybertonics is the design and implementation of the bionic organs and devices that enhance human capabilities,now the hearing capacity of a human being is in the range of 20 Hz to 20KHz.This can be enhanced by using this modern innovation .Reserches made in nano technology also paved way to succesfull completion of this innovation .scientists are having hope that this is going to be a great one when used extensively in low cost because till this time no such tremendous innovations have been made in this field.Still the scientists are facing the trouble due to mechanical and thermal challenges when interfacing electronic devices with biological matter

Indian-origin researchers Create 'Bionic Ear' with 3-D Printer!
Bionic ear