India’s ‘poorest’CM ,still washes his own clothes– Manik Sarkar.

poorest’CM Manik Sarkar
poorest’CM Manik Sarkar

Manik Sarkar becomes Tripura CM for fourth successive term at the head of India’s only Communist government,is son of tailor who still washes his own clothes.The one and only Politician who does not have a house,car or a bank balance. He is an Indian Communist politician.He was born on 22 January 1949 in Radhakishorepur in Tripura.He became Chief Minister of Tripura in March 1998, and is a Politburo Member of Communist Party of India (Marxist).Manik sarkar give his life for Party and people.He donates his CM salary and allowance to his party,which pays him 5000 rs as subsistence allowances.He is the longest serving Chief Minister of Tripura

Manik Sarkar has been Chief Minister of Tripura For the fourth consecutive time.He always like to dress white kurta and pyjama.when he started his election campaign in 2003 ,he has just 1,080 cash in hand.In 2008 ,his total account balance is 16120 Rs .His last five year account balance Rs 5,320 rs shows he became poor and other politicians became rich.Manik sarkar and his wife Panchali Bhattacharya live very simple life .He is the only Chief Minister who has no personal security guards, no house or car on his name .His critics also called him “cleanest and the poorest Chief Minister in the country”.

Name: Shri Manik Sarkar
Position: Chief Minister
1.Home (excluding Jail & Fire Services)
2.Planning and Co-ordination
3.GA (Excluding Printing and Stationary)
4.Other Departments not allocated to any Minister

The list of Incumbents ( CM’s of Tripura )