Indonesia’s Hindu past -1000 year old Ancient Hindu Temple

prambanan temple indonasia

1000 year old Hindu temple has been found in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.This is one of the best preserved Temple in Indonesia.This is the temple of God Ganasa and God Shiva and its finally crafted stone statues.Construction workers lying the foundation for a library then they found this 1000 year old temple’s samples in December.According to the archaeologist Dr Budhyl Sancoyo this temple is quiet significant and very valuable because they never found a temple as whole and intact to this one.because this temples statues are in the original position unlike the other temple,so this temple is very important for understanding the culture of their ancestors. Now archaeologist cleaning up the temple parts to learn more about the life style and culture of their ancestors before the arrival of Islam.According to the Archaeologist may be a huge  volcanic eruption likely to cover the temple around the 10th century at that about 100 years after it was built that’s why its  statues and other things stands a better conditions till  now.Now the this historic place and temple content is under 24 hours tight security because people are trying to steal the temple contents because they are just like treasure and get huge amount of money in black market.Recently at near by plasan temple heads of two redbull statue was stolen.


Candi Prambanan or Candi Rara Jonggrang is a 9th-century Hindu temple compound in Central JavaIndonesia,

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