How to Install a Second SATA Hard Drive,act like Removable disk ?

Second SATA Hard Drive act as Removable disk

First take ur second Hard disk and its plug to the motherboard. Then turn off your computer and open your CPU.For open it ,You just have to unscrew the door.then fix the second SATA Hard Drive to tray from the computer case.There are two things you need to do. One, You need to get power to the hard drive and two, You need to get the information on the hard drive to the computer.You need to use a serial ATA cable to plug directly into the back of the hard drive and plug it into the motherboard.On the bottom part of the motherboard, you will see several serial ATA ports.So, plug one into the motherboard and plug the other end directly into the back of internal hard drive.

Next you need power to your Hard drive .you can see a cable from SMPS(Switched-mode power supply).then connect this cable to your internal hard drives.(There are two different kinds of cables through which your power supply powers internal hard drives.First is an older style cable that it generally used for IDE hard drives.Newer plugs look like this and are designed for serial ATA hard drives. And those will plug directly into the back like that).Then clse Your CPU door. Turn on your computer,Windows will automatically recognize your new serial ATA hard drive.Here Second SATA Hard Drive act like Removable disk

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