How to Install WhatsApp Application on your PC

WhatApp for Pc installation method Step by Step Tutorial


Whatsapp one of the most famous internet messengers for Smartphones having a batch of features its popularity increases day by day, and more users attracted towards. The best model of popularity is that recently Facebook have bought for roughly 19 billion U.S. dollars, they know exactly that it will turn a menace for their messenger systems even for Facebook as well .

According to latest news Facebook will use features and tools of Whatsapp for their messenger and chat systems. After counting all these factors the number of Whatsapp users will definitely get a world record

Today we are hashing out about the usage of this mobile messenger system in your PC. How to install these amazing application (Whatsapp) in your PC. You have already read many fake posts from the internet right away here is the perfect answer for that

For installing whatsApp on your PC just follow these four simple steps

1.Download any of the Android Emulator. We recommend two Android emulator software; one is “You Wave for Android” and the other is “Bluestack”. Bluestack software is more flexible and free, but sometime it demands windows XP service pack 3 in the case of  Windows XP, and the other windows version have no problem. so if people  have such operating system we recommend You wave. But blue stack is free and easy to use .Youwave is a paid android emulator, but you can download its trial version.

how to install whatsapp on your pc

Install whatsapp on your pc

How to use Bluestack for installing Whatsapp on pc

Download and install Bluestack it supports operating system like XP,VISTA,WIN7/8

After Installing Bluestack FOR WINDOWS,Search for Whatsapp application by clicking on search icon.Click the install button at the right side.wait for sometime it will automatically installs.after installing Whatsapp go to Bbluestacks -my apps ,open Whatsapp and verify your phone number and start using the application good luck.

(II).How to use “YouWave for android” for installing Whatsapp on pc

1. Download Youwave Android Emulator software version-“YouWave-Android-Home-3-16

2. Install youwave on your Pc ,after installing it open click on the desktop shortcut icon and then select continue with trial version

(The youwave is officially a paid software you can download it as a trial for ten days.If you want to use full version you have to pay for the licence or you can search on google for its craked full version software.unfortunatly we can’t provide the exact url where you can find the cracked full version because of our terms and conditions and copywright laws. search search on the internet – YouWave-Android-Home-3-16 full version)

3.Open your software ,in the welcome window you can see the browser icon click on it and type the address – – on the address bar. check the picture for the following steps.

How to Install WhatsApp Application on your PC

4.After downloading the software-you can check whether the downloading is complete or not by selecting the menubar icon in the home screen—->Select the Downloads in the apps list. Here you can see the progress of the downloads when it completes it shows a word “complete” on the download bar.After the successful downloads, click on it then a new window appears showing the install button install it.when it completes it gives a message and also a window appears with two button including DONE or OPEN.If you want to open the apps directly then click on the open button otherwise click the done button after that go to the home then open the menu bar and scroll down the mouse their you can see the Whatsapp application on it

whatsapp for pc

install whats app on your computer or laptop

Then Follow the registration process. You can register on whatsapp with a new mobile number.You cant use a mobile number that is already connected with whatsapp.

—> Agree the terms and conditions and chose the country and provide your mobile number.

—->verify your mobile number and wait for the arrival of verification code on your mobile wait for a few minutes and the application itself shows a window for providing the verification code that already sent to your mobile .Provide the 6 digit code and then you can enter your screen name and other things on it

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