Top car manufacturer jaguar is on the edge to launch a new convertible ,THE JAGUAR F- TYPE.It is expected to be launched in india this year.It is incorporated with a powerful engine that makes it the best in class of SUV.SUV is the name given to the masculine members among automobiles.F-TYPE is a convertible SUV that can be compared to porshe 911, which is considered as the king in this segment .but may be porshe get outwitted due to the new launch from jaguar .even though F-TYPE is not having much power as porshe 911 ,it is to be noticed that the features and price is optimized in this new launch.It will be a great time for jaguar after the success of D-TYPE and E-TYPE.

Jaguar is offering three power outlets in this new breed,V6,V7 and the extremely powerful V8 which can be considered as a fire breathing one.The description itself is revealing about the musculine nature of the V8.when we shift the transmission in a V8 ,the cracking sound from the exhaust will remember you about what you are driving,obviously the best in class.This new hunk is offering 340 to 495 ps power which is one of the best offer from a small convertible SUV like this.when it launches it will become a strong opponent to ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE,MERCIDES SLK and BMW Z4.The expected price for the new launch ranges from 75 to 90 lakh


  • 340 hp V6 Supercharged
  • 18 inch Vela alloy wheels
  • 8 speed “QuickShift” ZF® transmission with Sport mode
  • Intelligent Stop/Start
  • Sport Exhaust with center-mounted twin exhaust pipes
  • Jaguar Performance Braking System with silver calipers
  • Leather and Suedecloth Sport seats with six-way power/manual adjustment
  • GPS navigation system with Traffic Messaging Channel (TMC)5
  • 380 watt Meridian™ audio system with 10 speakers


jaguar f
Jaguar F


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