Jo and the Boy Manju warrier’s upcoming movie- Manju reduced 10 kilo Body weight.


jo-and-the-boyJo and the Boy is the upcoming Malayalam movie directed by Rojin Thomas .His Earlier movie was Philips and Monkey pen,But it is not his sole work .The movie Philips and Monkey pen was directed by the duo of Shanil Muhammed and Rojin Thomas and which was a grand success ,and got three state award.Jo-and-the-boy-manu-warrier-new-movie-as-a-20-year-old-girl

It is known that Manju playing the title role Jo in the movie Jo and the boy . Master Sanoop, brother of actress Sanoop doing the role of the Boy.Amazing factor is that actress Manju warrier’s charecter Jo is a 20-year-old girl.According to latest reports Manju Warrier shed 10 kilogram of Body weight for the character Jo. It is sure that this will be one of the toughest role in her entire film career.The shooting of the movie already started in Kodaikkanal.The Movie Jo and the Boy tells the relationship between the 20-year-old girl and the Boy.

.Lalu alex and Pearle Manney are doing prominent role in the movie.It is known that after completing the 25 days shooting in Kodaikkanal the team will migrate to Ladak for another five days shooting.

This is the Fourth coming movie of actress Manju warrier after her come back into the film industry.It is not a rare seen among actors to reduce body weight for a movie,But it is the rarest of rare in actress especially in Malayalam film industry. Manju warrier is already reduced her body weight after she came back to the industry after a Very long interval.But Now again reducing weight  ?; It is really a hard task for her,But it is sure that a versatile actress like Manju Warrier can easily overcome the hardest part in it.Her next release is movie Rani Padmini,with Rima Kallingal directed by Ashiq Abu ,which is scheduled to release on .

Fans are eagerly waiting for Manju warrier’s new look in the movie Jo and the Boy.