Kaashmora Karthi’s latest tamil movie Live Audience review


Here is the Live Audience report of Karthi Nayanthara starer movie Kaashimora

aHf@adhyayam 9m9 minutes ago

Karthi as Raj Nayak is only positive in this tedious periodic horror. Flashback episode is also not upto the mark.Below avg. #Kaashmora

NaVeen rAj@NaveenR84203766 11m11 minutes ago

#Kaashmora rating: 3.25/5; Incredible sequence with much attention! superb
,full of entertainment. @Karthi_Offl extordinary acting

Rinku Gupta@RinkuGupta2012 41m41 minutes ago

#Kaashmora comical ghost film fun family entertainer #Nayanthara breathtaking, very diffrnt @Karthi_Offl rocks!sets n CG add to atmosphere

Tamil PRN@TamilPRN 3m3 minutes ago

#Kaashmora Review – @Karthi_Offl Career Best Performance Till Date
Clear Diwali Winner. Laugh Riot

VenkyBollineni@Bollinenivenky7 4m4 minutes ago

#Kaashmora is one more periodic horror movie with few laughs and one time watchable for Karthi’s acting & different attempt .kaashmora-review

vignesh@vickyscorpion 5m5 minutes ago

#Kaashmora interesting mix of genres mostly engaging overall watchable.

Kongu Sathish semma intervel block superb movie

Muhammed Arif: #kashmora mixed of Mass movie and Jackson Durai.. but well executed!!!
#kashmora paisa vasool guarantee!!! Kids will surely enjoy!!! Perfect treat for Diwali!!! Go with your family!!!

Teejay S: #Kaashmora review (3.5/5) – On overall a great movie for Diwali, that entertains throughout.

#Kaashmora: Karthi is a performer and that’s proven here, along with Vivek and Nayan – the main cast is the plus point of film.kaashmora-movie-review

#Kaashmora: Borderline enjoyable package which is a mix of horror, comedy, fantasy and period elements. Liked it in parts.