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Mohanlal playing Main role in   Kamamohitham directed by Harihardas. Kamamohitham is a Malayalam-Sanskrit novel written by renowned Malayalam writer CV Balakrishnan,It is erotic in nature . After Ravanaprabhu and Udayon, Mohanlal doing double role in this movie.In this film Mohanlal doing the role of sage Jaajali and of a landlord named Sagaraduthan.This film written by C V Balakrishnan(not confirmed) and directed by Harihardaz.This is a challenging role to Mohanlal ,It is known that the actor also tries to reduce his body weight for this movie.

The movie Kamammohitham tells the story of sage ‘Jaajali’ and landlord named ‘Sagaraduthan’ ,they are very different in their character.The sage Jaajali teaching science of love and the second character landlord Sagaraduthan, to whose body he tries to transmigrate.The  story happened in a particular period, at that time the main speaking language was Devanagari. Devanagari is an ancient script (12th century CE) in India which is a descendant of great  ancient script Brahmi (5th century BCE to 4th century CE) . At initial stage director planning to make this film ‘Kamamohitham’ in Sanskrit only.But later they decided to make both Sanskrit and Malayalam because it help to reach this movie into wide audience. Kamamohitham  will be completely a different movie, in the history of Malayalam film . According official sources the crew searching for a new face as their Heroine.It is sure that the movie will be a visual treat.

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